Feature Request - Ride Comparison



I have been thankful to be a part of the beta testers group since it started and I really appreciate everything you have done and how you keep everyone involved. With some of the new features coming out, there is one I have not seen or heard of from y’all or any other companies inside of this space.

Ride Comparison is a feature that I have been wanting for a while and was going to see if y’all thought it would be a viable feature. The performance analytics is great but often I want to compare how the A race crit was versus the B race, or how I performed at a specific race this year compared to last year. The season personal record comparison is great but I find it difficult to compare rides side by side in one window. My current workaround is to open two windows and split my screen and it is clunky and not very easy to read (First world problems, I know :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:). Ride Comparison would offer a user to compare multiple rides side by side in the same window to compare results and efforts over time on similar courses.

I do not believe anyone in the market has this feature and I would love for y’all to be the first!


Similar request. (Includes a partial work around I like to use.


Thanks for connecting this! Did not see that one. I never thought of being able to set the custom date range on a “season” to a single day for comparison as another workaround for now. Much appreciated!


Happy to help.

I’m hopeful that they will add the full comparison tool. Would be great to have a direct option.


I’m gonna go ahead and go on record as asking for this one too. I really like being able to overlay ride tracks and markers.


I’d like this feature as well. I use the single date custom range work around but think a first class feature for single ride comparison makes sense and would be very useful