Feature Request: Season Summary



It would be great if there was a summary page for each season which would show things like:

  • Total Workout
  • Total # of TrainerRoad Workout completed
  • Total # of outside workouts
  • Total # of “other” workouts
  • Total # of missed workouts
  • Total Miles
  • Total Time
  • Total elevation gained
  • Starting FTP
  • Final FTP
  • FTP Gain
  • Etc.


Hey AlphaDog!

That’s a great suggestion! I think that could add some really useful perspective when reviewing your past training to see what worked and what didn’t :slight_smile:

I’l pass your idea on to our Product Developers for consideration!


A season summary would be a great addition.


Dang, this is a really good idea. Props to @AlphaDogCycling.