Feature request : Shift entire training plan



Would anyone besides me find use in a feature that would allow you to shift your entire training plan? I always find myself disappointed if I miss a workout, and it would be nice to be able to shift the entire training plan from that point on back a day or so in order to allow the workout to be completed.


That has been requested in other posts.


This thread details the best way with current functionality on how to handle Calendar schedule updates:


I glad I found this. I need to push the current week/plan because this week is a wash for work and personal stuff and since I am only in week 2 of SSB, I don’t relish the thought of moving them all one by one.


Cool, glad you found what you’re looking for. Here is another post with a little more detail and pictures on exactly how to do it:


Thanks. I guess it doesn’t allow you to push the current week, but at least it saved me from having to move 4 weeks worth one by one.