Feature Request - Show Target Power & Duration of Next Interval



In the software it’d be good to be able to see the target power & duration of the next interval coming up, for example…
“Up next: 1 min @ 324W”

It’d help to set the appropriate gearing/cadence quickly when using a dumb trainer. If you’re doing a short high intensity interval you don’t want to be messing around trying to dial in the correct gearing/cadence for half of it.

I know you can see the power profile of the workout in the graph, but you can’t see the exact power target that will be up next (unless I’ve missed it).


Along those same lines, you used to be able to hover with the cursor over any point of a workout you were active in doing, and it would display the target power. This was handy for knowing what was coming next and like you mentioned, picking the right gear. That went away a long time ago, and is one of the features I’d like to see back. It’s especially handy when you are viewing your workout in a “minimal” window, where the “Y” axis is so condensed vertically.


Dare I mention that I do like the list of durations and power targets that Zwift gives you when doing a workout down the left hand side of the screen. Not sure how this would work if your’re using a phone for your workouts but on a computer screen it works well.