Feature request: Sync favorite workouts across platforms



Currently, if I select a favorite workout on one device, it doesn’t show up on any other devices. It would be nice if everything sync’d up. I often use my iPad to select workouts but then actually use my Mac to train.


Hey Drew!

This is a request we get fairly often, and it is on our Development Roadmap :slight_smile: Our Developers have been hard at work with major feature creation like Performance Analytics and the new Calendar, but as these projects finish up, they will have more time for smaller improvements like this :fire:


I agree, that is so much quicker to add favorite workouts in our calendars regardless the platforms.


I was just about to suggest this as well. I totally agree it’d be a nice improvement! :+1:

Even if you don’t use TR on multiple devices, it still helps when you move to a new device.

I’d also love the ability to favorite a workout from the web, as that’s where I usually do my research and planning.


Another vote yes! Would be a great planning option :+1:t3: