Feature Request - Transparency Switch



When using TR on windows and I’m doing lower IF workouts, rather than listen to music I sometimes like to watch content via Youtube, Netflix etc.

Some of that content has popups, text, general information on the screen, normally at the bottom, that I cannot see when I have switched the view to minimal. I know, I can move the block higher up the screen but then you cannot see that part of the screen.

I think it would be good if there was a transparency button next to the Window and Minimal button so that when you click it, you turn the TR screen say 50% transparent so you still see the TR information / metrics but then you can see the media content in full.


On an iPad you can do Split Screen

I use that on longer work outs


If you double click to menu bar of the window when minimized, it moves the minimized window to the top of the screen. You’re still left with less screen, but this avoids the problem with blocking notifications, etc that are typically at the bottom.
That said, I do think that a transparent option would be interesting, although without trying it I don’t know if it would actually be useful.