Feature request: TSS on screen



Have you considered having cumulative TSS on the screen during a workout (even if you made it an optional view)?


It’s there (on iPad anyway) if you hit the arrow at the right hand side of the overview display. Shows TSS, average power, interval HR and a few others.


Yep. Same in the iPhone. Just swipe left on the middle section of the screen. The section with two white/grey dots.


Android user and Windows app, I wonder if they have it?


I have Android and can confirm it’s there!


This doesn’t sound familiar to me in terms of screen layout. Do you have a screen grab?


Wow, I’ve used it for years and didn’t know. Just need to find out how to display it now :grin:


I’ll get my quotes correct soon too :smiley:


On Android it looks like this:

Swipe left on the detailed view (section with the double dots below it) to get this:


Ideas for TR improvements

Excellent, thanks, now I’ve seen it I do recognise it but I’ve only used my phone a handful of times, usually i5s a laptop onto a large TV.


This would be great to have in Windows too.


Just don’t watch it too closely, sometimes it goes back down! :rage:


That may well be a bug. TSS should always go up, even if you aren’t pedalling as discussed here:



Could be, I was watching over the last five mins of my workout on Saturday to see if I hit 103 tss and it went 99, 100, 101, 100, 101, 102, 101, 102


So is it safe to assume that the feature does not exist on the laptop Windows app?


I couldn’t see it.



So I’m an engineering student and self-proclaimed math nerd and this has bothered me ever since training with power. Because of the nature of Normalized Power, it goes down if the average power of the workout goes down. Since NP is the fourth degree RMS value of AP, it is less affected by fluctuations in power, but after a 5 minute recovery period, NP can definitely be dragged down a bit. Multiplying it by the IF only makes this matter worse, dragging down the numerator of the TSS formula. So even though the time is increasing, the NP/IF can be decreased such that TSS can go down during recovery periods and especially in cooldowns. Too often I see my TSS drop by 1 in the last minute or so of a workout. It’s not much, and really is splitting hairs, but I’ve been trying to think of a better way, mathematically speaking.


Can you show me an example of how coasting can decrease TSS, because from my calculations it always goes up, as I explained in to other thread.

Quite possible I misunderstood something though.



Correct, no TSS tracking on the PC and Mac apps.


As I’m currently studying for finals, I will give this some more thoughts and perhaps a proof that shows that TSS can go down with time. The only thing I can definitively say right now is that I have seen my TSS in Trainerroad during a workout go down by 1 or 2 during the last minutes of a cooldown of a workout.