Feature Request - Weekly Tips Access



I don’t see a way to access the Week Tips from the training plans on the Calendar. These would be nice to have access right from there as opposed to having to drill back into the Training Plans section every week.

Week Tip Example, SSB1 Week 1

I previously had added an annotation at the start of each week in my plans on the Calendar for quick tracking of the plan weeks. I decided to copy and past the Week Tips into the “Description” field of the Annotation.

My Annotation, with Week Tips in the Description

Having something like this created automatically and linked to the plan on the Calendar would be handy and a time saver (vs doing it manually with create and copy/paste as I did).

"Career" on iOS App and Weekly Training Plan Notes in Calendar
Weekly Training Plan Notes - Now hard to get to

It’s a nice idea! The tips are a bit hidden and I almost always forget to read them. It’s a good way to have a better view and understanding of the coming week.


I was just going to post this request, but I see you beat me to it. Nice workaround with the annotations, but obviously not something we want to do manually. Plus, the week description is based on default weekdays for each workout rather than the weekdays picked by the user (that is, me).