Feature Request - Workout Notes in Calendar/Highlight Rides with Notes

Unless I’m missing something adding and viewing workout notes is a bit of a pain and not very user-friendly. I am using Chrome to view my calendar and if I want to add a note to a workout I’ve done I currently have to click on the workout to open a pop-up window with the workout in and then click it again which then opens a new tab with the workout details. I then have to scroll all the way to the bottom to add a ride note. Upon going back to the calendar there is nothing showing to highlight that I had made a note, and the only way to view it is if I do the same process again.

Seeing as the whole point of taking notes is for future reference and review it would make sense if we could easily see which rides we’ve added notes on while scrolling through the calendar and then just be able to click the ride to view the note in a pop-up or something.

It would also make sense to be able to add a note this way by perhaps adding some kind of shortcut in the calendar view.


Hey Tom,

Thanks so much for the suggestion! I totally agree and I think the workout notes could be much easier to access, and would ideally require far less clicking.

I have passed your suggestion onto the team for consideration :slight_smile:

Thanks again!

Update: I just heard back from the design team and making Workout Notes easier to access from Calendar is on our Development Roadmap :+1:


Excellent news!:grinning::+1:

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Are there any updates on this development!? Would seem it’s a super easy one to fix compared to all of the ‘big’ features that keep being added yet I find it really annoying that this still isn’t available. @Nate has mentioned a few times on the podcast about taking notes but this doesn’t really work on trainerroad yet and is basically a useless feature right now.

Currently I cannot scroll through my calendar and see which rides have notes in them. I just have to guess and I simply do not have the time to do that.

Please please fix this. I want to be able to take notes on my rides and then look back on them and easily see which ones have notes and to be able to view those notes quickly and easily (without having a other tab open with the whole ride details on it)



I’d like a way to tell which workouts I’ve made notes on. I only make occasional notes, but when I do they are usually significant, and I’d like a way to find those workouts/notes easily.

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Nor necessarily a perfect solution, but:

  1. View the Past Rides section under your Career on the web.
  2. Scroll and load, then you will see any workouts with notes right on screen.

Small suggestion. I was looking back trying to find a particular ride in order to read the note I left. I think it would save time hovering the mouse over a ride on the calendar screen and a popup with the ride’s note could be displayed. Loading each ride and closing it eats a lot of time when searching for something. I think I would end up leaving a lot more notes if I could read them efficiently. I know @Nate said he was big on creating notes. Thoughts?

We have a good solution for this but we haven’t had the dev resources to execute it yet. It was pushed so we could get Plan Builder out (which is in early access now).


When you add an event to your plan it asks you to select an event type. Can you add Fat Bike to the mountain bike categories? It’s just different enough and I have several fat bike races this winter in South Dakota. Thanks