Feature Request: Workout Window UI Device Setting Presets - One Click Buttons



As recommended - sometimes its simpler to do higher power intervals in resistance mode rather than leave it in erg mode, where you can overshoot, then forced to drop power - undershoot, wait for the trainer to catch up etc etc.

But, even if you set it to one level to start with, it’s never the correct resistance for the whole workout and hitting the erg/resistance button and dragging the slider with any accuracy while working out is virtually impossible.

So, what about some preset buttons in the UI (long strip along bottom of screen like the WIDOW:MINIMAL buttons). You set up the configuration you want ie. 1=Erg Mode, 2=resistance 10%, 3=resistance 20% 4=,5=… etc. Easy to click with a mouse, no more struggling with tweaking settings or being diverted from the very reason for being there in the first place - ie. the workout.

You set up the device/workout window - save its settings to a button…done!. 5 options for different settings at a click.