Feature Request - Zone Indicators on App Dashboard



One of the things I like on my Wahoo ELEMNT is the LED strip on the side that goes up or down and changes color depending on what zone I’m in. I have mine set to read my HR. Might be cool to add something similar to TR dashboard - some subtle visual indicators of what HR and power zone you are currently in. I actually find these motivating and useful on the ELEMNT as it helps me adjust my effort level, cadence, etc., and they’re are also good general indicators of how I’m feeling that day (And no - I’m not just staring at my ELEMNT out on the road - safety first! :slight_smile: )



I’ve been thinking the same thing. Maybe if it’s just a case of changing the colour of the yellow line that shows our output, through a certain range instead


Yeah - something low-key and in keeping with their aesthetic, which I love. Simplicity. Nothing too flashy


I was thinking the same thing while doing my workout last night.


I have a coworker that is a TR user and uses Wahoo. He must watch his heart rate because of health issues. Seems like a good feature, especially for those that wish to train hard, but keep under a dangerous heart level.