Fed up with TR and the calendar



I use TR on a Mac and and Android device and I think it’s fine. The move to the calendar was great for me because it made long-term planning much, much easier. I would note that I do tend to use the web version for anything besides just starting and completing my workouts, however.

I also work in software- so maybe some little bumps in the road don’t bother me so much. Software is hard.


What about planning our your stuff on the website and browser? From what I can tell it’s pretty awesome, and is mostly what I want in a calendar. In general, browser based stuff tends to be better than apps anyways. I can do it anywhere there’s a computer.

I didn’t even think about organizing the calendar through the app because, like you said, it doesn’t look much like a calendar. If i’m planning or reviewing, I’m all about the browser/website. Only use the app to do the actual workout.


I think the improvements to the scheduling and flexibility of the calendar are fantastic. Add in to the mix the performance analytics and after 5 years of TrainingPeaks premium subscription I have now consolidated into just using TR. I can’t wait for the rest of the features coming and look forward to 2019 both in terms of features and my training :+1:.


I signed up almost entirely because they adopted a training calendar. Mac User, and admit the Mac app is the worst between the website experience, iOS, and Mac App, but I so rarely use it I don’t even notice. I’ve probably redesigned my training schedule four times this month for various reasons, seamless in the calendar.


Thanks for the reply Nate.

This is really all I am looking for. I want to open the app, to quickly/easily see just my plan, what week i am on, percentage complete etc…

I guess I am frustrated because this code exists and the plan view was removed from the app for some reason. I wish I could use a build of the app prior to the calendar release. I could easily see what workout I left off on if I had missed a few days.


When will we see this? If I hadn’t paid for an annual subscription I would be gone too.



Also very happy with the Calendar:)


Ditto. And I completely forgot about the TR app on my Mac until I read this thread! lol

But now that I’m on here…I will note that the iOS app does not sync with the calendar (online or app).
It shows only the current plan workouts; I have to load the non-plan workouts I’ve placed in my calendar.

Not perfect, sure, but whatever. I’m easy. :v:


That sucks man, I don’t blame you for being frustrated. As a windows and iPhone user I can tell you the calendar has been an amazing tool and probably my favorite feature release. I’m sure Nate and the folks will make this right for the Mac crowd, they have a terrific record of support.


I’m also on a Mac and use that app for most workouts, occasionally the IOS version on my iPad. I guess I’d agree with OP that the calendar component of the current Mac app falls short, but for the calendar and all planning, review, etc, I use the browser anyway – and on the whole it’s terrific. For me, the ability to import rides, and the analytics, and now the calendar, TR made quantum improvements in usefulness. Now and then I get annoyed by something, but the occasional annoyances are for me minuscule compared to huge improvements in what the TR package now allows over its former limitations. The improvements are why I went to the annual instead of the monthly plan. What a bargain.


I use my mac, with an ANT+ dongle, for indoor sessions with TR.

Unfortunately many issues with it since the Calendar came along. Hoping they are resolved soon.


I have a Windows PC (with Chrome) at work and a Macbook (with Chrome) at home. I also have a iPhone6 with the TR App installed. I do not have the TR App installed on my Mac. I only use the TR App on my phone when I am doing a workout, I do not use the App for anything else. All planning, tracking, adjusting etc etc gets done in Chrome on my Macbook or PC in the browser itself. The Calendar is such a useful tool and I honestly cannot live without it and in Chrome it works perfectly. I open the App on my phone, click on the workout I need to do, do it, done… everything else I do on the Mac/PC on the TR Website.

Keep it up @Nate and team!!


I am on a MAC, but the only thing I use the Calendar in the MAC app for is to select the workout.
I do all the planning in Safari/Chrome as the OSX app usually just shuts down if I try to move anything in the app.

Now I know that’s not supposed to happen but I am not that bothered that it does, as Nate and others have stated that they are working on getting it fixed and have apologized for the way it was rolled out in the beginning and it will surely be fixed.

And to be honest, if you already have your Mac open, how hard is it to adjust your schedule in Safari or Chrome. If I’d would let these type of things rattle me, boy would I have a stressful life.

Granted, they could’ve kept the old style and give you a choice as a consumer but I guess they expected less people to use the new function as people are habit creatures and in this way they wanted all of us to get the most out of the training/product.


New to TR. Well about 3 months, so have seen the pre calendar too. Love it [the calendar], and like others, I do everything on my browser [Safari]. I use the Mac app only for the actual workout.


I do find the comparison of TR and Zwift baffling at times. They offer different things and each have their own strengths.

FWIW I think the new calendar (on PC) is a Training Peaks Premium killer. It seems to do everything I want. I do not use the plans currently because my coach prescribes sessions in TP which I then push into TR.

I do like the TSS graphs and the ride analysis capabilities.


I am not using MAC App after calendar feature was introduced. All features are fantastic on IOS App except I have to go online and do analysis. I think old version was better.

But other than that, TR rocks.


I use a MacBook with an ANT+ dongle, interested to hear your problems as I don’t have any.


The calendar in the Mac app looks exactly the same @trpnhntr so a) I’m confused when @Nate says there isn’t parity and the Mac app is the worst out of their platforms and b) what the actual problem is. I admit I use the website to move my workouts around the calendar in general but I have also used the iOS app to move workout schedules.
My day to day usage is the Mac app with an ANT+ dongle to run my TR sessions and Zwift connecting via Bluetooth, both to a Wahoo Kickr, cadence and HR sensor. I’ve never noticed any issues.
The one feature I would like to see return is the percentage complete through a plan - that was kinda motivating to see your progress through the week but other than that I’m super happy.


Agree with this, that was a motivational bar.


I think this feature is currently being developed for the calendar.

Another good feature that is apparently coming is the start of each new plan being more obvious on the TSS chart