Fed up with TR and the calendar



I can definitely sympathize, having an inconsistent work schedule and heavy travel isn’t conducive to structured training.

I’m a fairly new TR user, but have plenty of experience training and I’ve had success in a similar situation by focusing on sweetspot work. Maybe pick a few workouts that generally work for you, save as favorites and plug in whichever one, whenever you get the chance. Maybe a 1hr, 1.5, and 2hr option, or a low volume plan that only has 3 rides/week.

Right now I’m in the middle of a high volume build. I’ve got a variable work schedule, a wife, four kids, a farm, travel, and a 125mile one way commute. With six workouts per week I’m shuffling almost every day on a good week and skipping or substituting on occasion but trying to keep TSS on target. With a schedule like the one you have, that sound even less consistent, I wouldn’t be using this plan at all. Just hammering sweetpot whenever I get the chance and not stressing the details. You’ll get faster either way.



There is nothing to figure out. Go back until you see a green check next to a workout, do the one after that. If it’s only been a few days or a week it’s only a few workouts back. This should take 5 seconds.


I agree with you wholeheartedly, @mellowdave. The “fix it or I’m gonna leave” posturing is somewhat tedious.



Hi there,

It looks like problem “a” has been addressed quite a bit. I wanted to give you a quick update on problem “b”.

We agree that the initial implementation of extending warmup and cooldown on desktop was too intrusive when the apps were in minimal mode.

We’ve just released new versions that include a different design for this functionality. I hope you enjoy!


It doesn’t work that way. Seems like it should, but doesn’t. Try it. Won’t work.
I already posted screenshots on the other thread on how it doesn’t work.


You can always edit the Strava activity and delete the image, though it does add a step your post-ride workflow.