Fed up with TR and the calendar



Please send those bugs to support@trainerroad.com so we can get them fixed.


It’s really not that difficult to understand. Website has full calendar feature, apps show your next planned workout and any future planned workouts. Mac app isn’t “unorganized”, it’s a chronological list.


Nate, you guys are doing a fantastic job, I really don’t see the problem here and I use a Mac.

PS if Chad’s aim is to make people cry he achieved it the other day when I did Eclipse.


I do find the PC web application of the calendar to be great. First time I have used it to plan out my year to next May instead of the usual short list of Base build etc noted on a piece of paper. I like how I can change workouts, move weeks around etc…
I use the App though for my workouts on the Ipad. The calendar view there just loses its visual appeal vs the website look. I find the App a lot more awkward to use so I just use it to run my workouts. Any planning is done on my PC.


I am on a MAC, Iphone and Windows PC and have no issues using the Calendar. I have used the calendar to schedule my training for the upcoming winter. I scheduled it about 3 weeks ago and start in another week or so, I have had no issues and everything works great. 5 Stars.


I have issues with the Calendar as well. Although I am not a huge hater, I really dislike the fact that it takes forever to update via all my devices. I use the PC to manage it. I view info on my android phone and I run the app on my android tablet for training. When I open the tablet or phone to check things out it takes forever to update. Is there not a refresh button somewhere that I cannot see? I end up swapping pages back and forth trying to get it to update. At times I just walk away and come back later!



This is super-important. I really, really, really, really don’t want to use the calendar right now. It’s a complication and a distraction.

I have way too many calendars (including training calendars) already - I don’t want or need another one. I just want a list of workouts in my training plan, in order - but the ability to choose a different workout than the next one up if I choose, and the ability to choose the day on which I work out ad-hoc. (All of which is what I had in Trainer Road before this “added” functionality - but which is now much more difficult, if at all possible, to achieve.)

I don’t need TrainerRoad to give me run or swim workouts. I have my own run and swim coach, and program - remember, for many people, Trainer Road is just a supplement, for use when outdoor riding is not possible or convenient.

If I do choose to use the calendar, I want to be able to just have my bike training plan on there - and be able to rearrange workouts easily. (But right now - I’d prefer to avoid the calendar entirely. Just saying what might eventually make it useful for me.)

I want to choose a training plan, and have the ap show me the next workout, and just fire up the ap and do what’s next - but not be locked in if I want to change things up.

One particular point of confusion - I find it very confusing when I’m in the ap, and then get bounced into the website. If I opened the ap, it’s because that’s where I wanted to be - not the website.


How is the calendar this polarizing? If it doesn’t work for you can’t you just ignore it like you did in the past and just follow the online plan? Yeah teh calendar is cool (for those of us on PC’s apparently) but it’s hardly the meat of what makes TrainerRoad so valuable, IMO.


That’s part of the problem for me @agreif. Trainerroad forces you to use the calendar for managing plans. A user cannot avoid the calendar.


Not sure I follow - I love the direction TR is going with the calendar - but it’s not there just yet for how I would use it, so I am using the app the same way I always have and don’t really use the online plan at all. I mean, it’s like the calendar function isn’t even there.

Is the Mac experience that difficult?


@Nate we really need the skip workout and assign ride Features back. It Was much easier to stay ontop of your calendar and include outdoor rides.


Again I don’t hate the Calendar… But I really think this was a boneheaded apple type move. I know TR is totally sold on the Calendar and its The most amazing thing ever and its all they can talk about (again I’m using it and am enjoying moving my plans around for vacations ect.). But many of the customers have spoken and it seems that TR is listening as they have mentioned bringing the old way back so people have a choice. Hopefully they will remember this next time they sell themselves on something new and remember who pays the bills.


I think @nate said all their internal metrics are showing the calendar as a rousing success.


Skip is done by simply leaving a workout in the assigned day and it will auto-skip when you go to the next day.

The “assign” feature is now called “match” and fully functional.


I have the Mac version and I’ve had no problem with using the calendar. I love what the calendar provides and I think once I learn how to use it better I’ll love it more. Great products btw!!


Yeah, I just don’t see how the new Calendar feature is this polarizing. So many folks up in arms, I can’t see what could possibly qualify any of this as “boneheaded”, etc. The move to the Calendar was a pretty big factor in my switch to an annual subscription (as well as being grandfathered into the reduced pricing). I used the pre-calendar version for a few years so it’s not like I’m not acquainted with “the way it used to be”. Maybe I need to use the Mac app as opposed to the website? I don’t know why I would have strong feelings either way. The website’s fine and shows me exactly what horrible thing I’m supposed to be doing on the trainer for the next 1-2 hours every day, which is kinda what I pay for ¯_(ツ)_/¯


We had an issue with slow syncing on Android. That was just sped up a bunch and there should be an update in the next week or two that improves this.

We’re working on something that will directly address your use case. I understand there is a group of people who never want to use a calendar and just want to be told what to do based on their goals.

The experience has changed and I think that’s why people are upset. If someone does apply a training plan they still get a list of workouts on their calendar. Even if they don’t do them in the same order or on the correct day there’s still a list to check off. The thing that’s different is you don’t get the satisfying feeling of the green checkboxes on a plan.

That’s in there today. You can assign outside rides to inside workouts on the website.

It’s under the “associate with” box.


Superb on the iPad. Well done !!


As a short term fix, is there anyway we can download the old version?


The main reason i use TR is simplicity. Start a training plan, load a workout and u go. U see where u left off cause they have check marks on em and then u do the next one. Simple. New calendar feature is horrendous. How did anyone think this is a good idea? I dont want to schedule workouts, I know when I can work out and when i do i want my training plan loaded and ready. So now i decided to give it a chance anyhow. Except i dont want to work out tues and thurs, so i drag my days to mon and wed. Also I already did the first 3 workouts. So now I need to delete the first 3 and drag every single workout back a week? Are you kiddin me? I guess I need to just eyeball where I am in the training plan and remember where i left off. It’s not like man has invented a way to mark items with a visual symbol of some sort.