Fed up with TR and the calendar



Not to be too harsh, but you don’t have to start the plan with the first workout on the schedule. It was really easy for me to start one mid cycle. You also get to pick the days of the week you want to do the workouts. Before writing a nasty message maybe ask for some help.


I have to say I’m extremely happy with the calendar, especially on the PC. It’s a little slow on my tablet but the app works flawlessly on my android phone. Couple this with an incredible forum and my favorite podcast and you have an extraordinary system for type 2 fun, aka suffering. Thanks TR.


It’s polarizing because it is now impossible to ignore the calendar and follow the online plan!

That’s exactly how I’ve always used TR: follow a plan in order. Calendar makes this essentially impossible (the only way is to print out the plan and track progress with pen and paper!)


I’m sure they are working on this functionality being brought back for the tiny handful of users that it affects.

You have to remember that this really does only affect a few people and as a “minor” issue, its not going to be at the front of development queue.

I didn’t like it initially for the same reasons as above however I now love it. I open it most mornings at work and make any new changes to it as necessary.


OR you could wait / ask for an official response. :thinking:


He’s not a TR employee


Well that’s a shame, you’re only doing yourself a disservice.


I like the calendar, and I liked the old system as well. At the end of the day, I probably spend 99% of my TrainerRoad ‘time’ actually doing the workouts, so I’m not especially concerned about how each ride is presented for me to do.

Far better for a company to be innovating than standing still from my point of view anyway.


That’s enough. Stop the criticism of any other user, directly or indirectly.

Discuss the product and its use in a constructive manner and leave the comments of a personal nature out.

I mean this to everyone on both sides of the issue. Comments here and the sister thread are walking a fine line and some are quite possibly over it.

Think about and control your comments so we don’t have to.


I’ve been a little confounded about the strong aversion to the calendar.

But I got an idea this morning.

Most calendars have a “To do” function. Would it help if one was added to the present calendar?

Then those who want a list could place their work outs in the “To do” list, go to the list, choose one and when they click “Add to calendar” it gets added to the current day or something like that.


I’m no fan of the calendar, it’s too strict for me, it feels like I’m no longer in control of my training schedule. It feels like my freedom is gone.

Since the calendar I skipped more training sessions than I did previous years, it gives me the feeling I have to do the training on a specific day and that doesn’t work for me. I need to open the app and see what trainings is next if that is a Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday.

Now I’ve been sick for a week, how do I shift the schedule for one week? Should I just drag and drop every instance?

Normally I would start the app and train, now I have to always do some administrative stuff before I can start.


I get the exact opposite experience. I’m now free to move workouts to days when I know I can do them rather than pretend I did it on the day indicated on the bingo card.

It’s also flexible in that sometimes you should skip a workout rather than slavishly stick to the programme and complete everything in order.

In terms of admin the initial planning took me about 5 minutes and I will swap around a workout if I find I can do it on a different day (probably takes less than a minute).


Well for me it’s not about aversion to the calendar feature itself. I can see how it could be useful for professional athletes training for a race or some such. Nice feature, for them, I guess. That’s not me. I’ve never done a race, never will. Not my use case. I don’t have a “target date”, never will. The whole concept of trying to force a training plan onto a “calendar” is nonsensical to me.

What makes me so frustrated about this calendar debacle is seeing how the TR leadership seems to have completely missed that the (awesome!) training plans were the core value and differentiator of the TR product.

By ripping out the long-standing functionality to follow a training plan in order, what’s left? As far as I’m concerned, nothing of value. The training plan is to me 100% of the value in the TR subscription.

To quote the Silicon Valley (HBO) show, “this is Apple maps bad”.

I continue to ask both support and here when will this regression be fixed? No answer. What does it take to get an answer? I’d like to remind TR we’re all paying customers, this is not a free app.

I’m no hater, been loving TR since 2012 and recommending it to everyone. But if this isn’t fixed soon, I’m out.


Preformatted textYou can’t please everybody all the time in life!!! I am not a tech geek, so the fact I can work all of the TR is brilliant. The calendar feature is a great addition. I have a plan I can now easily mould to my needs. Keep up the good work guys.



:joy::joy::joy:. That nails it!


My thoughts precisely. In fact I had been hoping for updates that would require less admin. Not add more. My ideal was to:

  1. Open the app
  2. Spin wheels on the bike
  3. Have TR automatically know which is my next ride and commence (zero clicks or button pushes required)

Simple as that. Zero admin except when I need to select a new plan. Not hard at all with the old regime. Now it’s a pain.


Personally i think the calendar is a step forward, but as a triathlete, I am really reserving judgement until the auto upload of non-bike activities. Until then it is not the full package for me.

I have a mate who really doesn’t like it for all the reasons cited by others. It seems like a compromise is not that hard. When selecting a plan you simply need the option of (a) cascade to my calendar, or (b) give me a ‘bingo card’/‘to do list’. If you chose (b) then you can still get your history in calendar form but without the admin on finessing your future days/weeks.


Just thinking about this. Maybe the internal metrics being measured are page loads of the website because people have to move their workouts around so much. Or visit the calendar to often… Bring back the old ways where I never need to visit the website to conduct a training session.


I’d be interested to hear about this too… Surely it’s a resounding success because exactly 100% of users have to use it.