Fed up with TR and the calendar



Or perhaps there aren’t that many complaints as a %age of the user base.

Or there are lots of good reviews as a %age of the user base.


No, there’s a neat feature that lets you push everything forward by one week. Press the three dots on the right of a the week you skipped and press “push week”


I really don’t understand the issues people seem to have with the calendar feature. I love it because it makes the training so simple: just open the app, switch on the trainer, wake up the sensors and you are ready to go. As the workouts have been planned in the calendar, the app automatically shows you the today’s workout.

Updating the plans in the calendar could not be simpler: moving, deleting, even copying the workouts can be done very easily. The whole weeks can be moved, so you don’t have to move workouts one by one. Everything can be done with the IPad browser, so there is no need to get my macbook for making any changes.


I don’t race either, it’s purely for my own fitness.

I am legitimately flabbergasted by the complaints on the calendar. It’s literally based off the exact same engine as before, only with a lot more functionality. It basically takes the TR format we had before and gives us the ability to edit it, that’s all. You can use it exactly the same way as you did before if you choose.

The only thing I can think of is people are saying they just want to exercise at random sporadic days, in which case using TR seems like a waste to begin with? Other wise you just set the dates you want to exercise and do it, there is really nothing else to it.


Maybe a ‘random’ button would fix it for them. Just put in a duration and say give me a random workout and off you go. Then put a progress bar not tied to anything and move it forward some arbitrary amount every time they log in.


That only seem to work for weeks that didn’t start yet

  • Assuming that you load a training plan onto the calendar, this is exactly what happens. There can be a slight delay in the app updating (this is known and planned.for fix), but if you wait about 30 seconds, the app will show the calendar related info, completed workouts and most importantly, your next workout as the current day.
  • This is quite easy.

Push Week - allows you to shift a certain week, along with all following workouts, forward one week. Again, annotations will not move when making this edit.

From: Editing Your Calendar

As a subset of the overall Calendar Help section. Worth reviewing to learn the tool better and how easy most operations are to use.


In that case, use the Move Week tool.

Move Week - Moving the week works very similarly to a simple “cut and paste” feature. You can simply take a week of planned workouts and move them to a new week.

This does not affect your overall plan. For example, all other weeks of your plan will stay exactly where they are, unlike when you use the Push or Pull feature mentioned below. Lastly, annotations will stay exactly where they are when moving a week.

You will only see the “Move Week” option on your current and future weeks when no workouts have been completed. You cannot move past weeks.


I find this debate genuinely confusing. The functionality of the app has improved so much and they are making changes almost daily. Our concerns and/or requests are acknowledged and implemented in many cases. It baffles me how many people are up in arms over the old way. I liked the status bar only as long as it was all green. Whenever I skipped a workout it made me cringe. When the old calendar would show workouts on days that I had not done them, it drove me mad. With the new calendar, I can plan out my entire year, even though I do not race. It has been and will continue to be a wonderful service. And, again, they are constantly making changes. It will get better for everyone. Wait and see.


I’m old enough to remember when the old “bingo card” style was unpopular and a calendar was what was desired. :face_with_monocle::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::nerd_face:


Yeah, this is where I’m at. I’m genuinely perplexed.


I’m not a fan of the calendar too.

I haven’t updated the iphone app yet so i can still use the older version and only use the website for the forum and workout analysis.

I think some of the split between those who like it and those who don’t come down to different types of personalities. That might be why some people find it hard to understand why others don’t like the calendar and vice versa.

Chad spent a lot a of time and research on the plans to make us stronger and faster cyclists and i don’t think i would get the same benefits if i were to start changing workouts.

In my life i’m a big fan of following a process and sticking with it. I’m very unimaginative when it comes to changing things to get a better result than an experts, such as Chad. That i probably why i liked the only bingo style format better than the new calendar. Just follow the plan to a T and you’ll get faster.


So how does the calendar stop you from doing that? You add it in… and then leave it. Boom, you’re right where you were for ‘following the plan to a T’.


There is literally nothing stopping you from following the plans exactly how Chad wrote them.


I think you have a misunderstanding of how the calendar works. You can load up any of coach chads plans and go…


I love the calendar too, but how easy would it be to have an option - Moved missed workout to following day. That way you are doing the next workout on the day you open the app.


Maybe I’m missing something, but just drag the work out to the following day, at least if you are using a laptop for planning.


Not to belabor the point too much but if there’s one key thing to understand, in order to understand the complaints, is that it is no longer possible to use it exactly the same way as before. The calendar goes out of its way to mess it up and prevent one from following a training plan in order.

To anyone suggesting so, I recommend trying it for a while and it’ll be soon obvious why it’s messed up.

What I really want is an official response from the company giving a timeframe when this will be fixed.


I don’t understand what is stopping you from following the training plan in order. Can you explain exactly why you can’t do that now?


Literally in this thread.