Fed up with TR and the calendar



That’s not a timeframe.

If it’s going to be fixed sometime in 2020 or whenever, I’m not going to keep paying for TR.

If it’ll be fixed in like January 2019, I can wait it out.



So…I work in the software industry, and I can tell you that putting a timeframe around this fix would likely only lead to more disappointment when the deadline doesn’t get met. Software development is a complicated process, they may hit roadblocks, they may have other, higher-priority issues arise that need to be fixed. Especially with the holidays coming up, during which time it is far more important that the TR team gets to spend time with their families than developing new features (yes, new - they’ll have to develop something new to replace the functionality of the old app, since it looks like they’ve pretty much changed the whole UI at this point - they can’t just roll back to the old version), things may take longer. I think Nate’s statement that this is something they’re aware of and actively looking to improve should be good enough - and besides, the real value of TR is in the on-bike training, not the calendar-vs-list interface. Don’t leave the platform because of a peripheral issue - leave if it’s not making you faster.


Personally, I would just adjust the calendar as my schedule changes. It would take you about a minute tops to get everything re-lined up and back on track.


I think you can use the web calendar to do what you want without resorting to printouts:

  • Add your plan to the calendar and move it ahead a week ahead. I.e., your pending workouts are always “next week.”
  • Whenever you have time to train, drag the next workout onto today and get after it.
  • Bump the calendar ahead once a week

That way the next workout in the plan is always next in the calendar, and nothing will ever get crossed out. Even if you miss moving a week, bump the workouts two weeks and copy the missed week, etc.

It doesn’t look like you can move weeks and drag workouts in the apps (iOS or Mac)? So you’d have to use the web interface sometimes. That’s perhaps unfortunate, but I imagine they’ll add management features to the calendar in the apps too.

Hope that helps.


As @bherbers says, I don’t think it’s belaboring it, I genuinely don’t understand what you are saying. I use it the same way I did before. I load the plan, and go in order.


+1 for another calendar fan. Best thing that’s happened IMHO.


Am I missing something here? If you want to use the plans as before it’s quite simple…

  • Add plan.
  • When you want to workout simply scroll back in the calendar to the first workout that hasn’t got a tick against it.
  • Click “Load Workout”.

Printing out a list and ticking them off?.. c’mon, it’s not the 90’s :grin:


Yes, when we launched that there were people like “WTF, just make a calendar, this is dumb!”

That’s where I’m confused. The only thing that’s changed would be having would have to scroll back. If that’s the complaint I can understand that. There’s absolutely no need to re-arrange your workouts for specific days if you don’t want to plan your training out.

As I said before, there’s the kind of “Freestyle” training that I think some people would enjoy. Open the app, we tell you the workout (or give you a few choices) and you get going. We’ve got to put some other things in place for that to happen and we’re working on it.


I addressed this with the screenshots in the other thread, linked a handful of posts above.

That seems like it should work and would be an acceptable workaround. Except it doesn’t work either. That workout never gets checkmarked even after you complete it. See screenshot.


Love the calendar, makes planning so much easier. Then again, I’m a racer with specified A and B priority races. Maybe if I was a casual rider and loosely followed a plan I’d feel different.

Keep up the great work Nate and love the podcasts… I’m working my way through them all for a second time.


It’s clear that Nate & the team are working on updating the product to serve the needs of both styles of users, but in the meantime, maybe you could try following the prescribed plans as intended as a test to see if it makes you faster? (eg: when “life gets in the way” and you need to push a workout, skip the workout entirely or move within the week instead of pushing the WHOLE plan forward again and again).

Who knows, maybe you will end up liking it! :thinking:


Love the calendar personally. It was the push for me to go from monthly to annual subscription.

I do understand that some however do not like the changes and respect that, as do TR by the sound of it.

The issue with the way some people seem to want to use the old system (as basically a list of workouts to do sequentially rather than as a specific plan) is that you lose some of the benefits if do too many or not enough workouts a week.

I have planned my whole season until end of summer 2019 but visit calender at least once a week to adjust days and sometimes workouts (e.g. just finishing week 4 of build next week so per plan due ramp test…but know based on workouts done so far that not much change - I always test at start of each plan but only at halfway point if workouts seem too easy - so put in different workout instead.


@Nate I’d happily help clear up the confusion for you. Do let us know if or when you’d like to engage with the few of us that don’t like the new way of having to manage TR. If you want me to join a beta team or user group I’m keen to help out.


I get it know, the new way doesn’t check off the old list of workouts so you can’t tell how far through a plan you are or what your next workout would be.


Can I ask if you did any analysis of how plans were completed with the old system? I’m thinking something along the lines of overall plan completion time and how many workouts were completed on the specified days.

I guess one of the problems during the beta phase was that the users were self-selected so there wouldn’t have been much in the way of displeasure with the overall concept during that phase.

A relatively straight-forward solution may be to ask the user if they want to add the selected plan to the calendar or use the bingo card on a separate page. As workouts are completed they get ticked off on the card and added to the calendar. This would make the calendar an historic record for these users rather than a planning tool. I think this could ease the transition for many.





Just want to say I really like the new calendar! :slight_smile:


When I miss a workout:
A. Sometimes my schedule gives me time to catch up and do the workout the next day or the day after. If this is the case, I manually move it. Takes 2 sec.

B. Sometimes I don’t feel up for it (fatigue or sickness) or my “real life schedule” doesn’t allow for the workout. If this is the case I want to just skip it, so my plan as a whole still is on track and ends at my events (or when planned).

The new calendar gives me the option to mix A & B. This is nice!


@Nate Great thanks. There is also no option to start a plan on an alternate day, eg Sunday. I just finished a plan and started another today. To achieve this with the current calendar I had to start the plan and then move all the workouts around. This is particularly annoying when compared to how easy this used to be.


After being sick, and my training plan was messed up again I cancelled my subscription.

I use Trainerroad mainly on my phone and tablet and this calendar is putting in a layer of irritation that wasn’t there before. I tried, but I feel I’m training less because of the calendar (I know that prolly sounds weird to some people).

I will check in the future if it has improved.