Fed up with TR and the calendar



Mac and Windows app is being worked on now.


I’ve played with toggling the ’ Sponsored Partner Integrations’ on (enabled) & off (disabled), so I think the effect is as I described, but easy to check for yourself: disabling is a non-destructive action, so you can try it and then re-enable again afterwards to see the difference it makes, and no data is ever lost.

Yep, there’s something ‘relentless’ looking about a great long list of completed interval workouts each showing ever greater blue areas of workload completed…


I’m fully Mac environment but prefer to use my iPhone for TR. but I only listen to music so a screen isn’t important to me. I’ve never downloaded the Mac app


Yeah, I’m with you. I just open TR and do whatever workout is up next.

Astonished that this thread is STILL GOING ON every time I log in (so many pitchforks!). Maybe it’s because I work in software? @Nate & co, you folks are far too patient.


This topic actually seems to tie into other discussions about how TrainerRoad is used by its customers. I came back this winter after trying other apps and found the calendar a slight annoyance but not a dealbreaker. The calendar is probably excellent for anyone preparing for a specific event. That’s not the way I use TR though. I’m only on a trainer November through March and even then only when the weather is totally unsuitable for riding, single-track or road. Family obligations get in the way too. That being said, following a calendar is not going to happen for me. It seems that TR needs to break out into two paths, one for those who need event-specific structure and then one for the rest of us.


Yeah, I’m definitely a “training for a specific thing” type user. The calendar feature was a godsend for my process - probably the most desirable thing they could have done for me.

The first time I read this TR article I thought “this should absolutely be functionality they should add to the product”. The calendar does this flawlessly.


Why would you think TR is being patient? You’re implying this in uninvited feedback. They added this forum with the exact intention of getting feedback from its customers. TR seems to want and follow a business model of adding improvements to their software via what the most people want. Having this forum and complaining about the calendar is ideal and intended. Their roadmap is defined by users identifying improvements and complaining about what already exists. Note that people use the calendar in different ways and therefore have different expectations. They want the negative or “advising” feedback more than the positive affirmation.


I seem to use the TR pretty much the same way. I ride with it from Nov to Mar and don’t target any event. However, I find the calendar just perfect for my needs.

I start by adding a plan to my calendar and then modify it to suit my needs: I move, remove and change the workouts according to my schedule etc. The calendar feature makes it very easy to move and swap even full weeks. I sometimes also duplicate weeks, if I feel that it is better to do some workouts again, instead of moving on. Of course, everything cannot be planned before hand, but with calendar it is easy to change the plan even daily. Best of all, I can do the planning and changes with my iPad while commuting, for example.


I probably should at least try to make better use of the calendar. I tend to focus on MTB this time of year and rideable, frozen trails depend on mostly on temp. and cloud cover. The forecast can change quickly and I don’t really want to be constantly fiddling with the calendar. Right now I just pick the next TR ride in succession and that’s good enough for me. My preference would be for the old non-calendar format, but I wouldn’t fault TR for not offering that option.


When might we see this? If not soon, I may have to consider canceling my subscription. I have an unpredictable job/ life so the calendar doesn’t work for me. I just want to see the next workout I need to do regardless of day.


Use the Ipad for all my rides. Wouldnt think of using anything else.

Everyone has their own preferences.


Using the TR app on my iPhone it shows all the workouts in a list order. If the days have passed you can still go back and do the workouts in order. Once completed the workout has a green check so you know you’ve completed them. You’d never have to use the calendar except to load the next plan. If you plan out your year or a base - build - specialty you’d be all set for a long time.

The app works as the old system did if you just ignore the days/dates.


Everyone has an opinion, and in the interest of being the dissenting opinion to this discussion, I must say that I love the calendar. I don’t use the app on my MacBook, but I use the calendar and ride analysis every single day. I was a Training Peaks user for over 15 years (I still have an account, if only because I have 15 years of data there…) and I am very pleased with the new Calendar, and I look forward to the new releases the guys cook up. There is the occasional hiccup, and not everyone will love everything (you are of course welcome to go off and take your anger to fuel your creativity and create a whole new product that functions EXACTLY the way you want it to.)

One thing that really, really irritates me is when you kids say things like “Angry User, will cancel my subscription!”. “I will stop reading this (free) forum if you don’t do exactly what I want!”

Dude. Take your ball and go home then, but don’t continually THREATEN to do it just to get what you want, Its churlish.

If you’re going to do that, at least make it entertaining for the rest of us and and just threaten (or actually do) hold your breath til you get what you want.

Theres a whole slew of feature request threads already as well as a “feature-request” tag and sub. I suggest that you go there, lodge your issue, and wait for the inevitable and almost always timely response from the crew.


But I am not paying to have to go back. It was fine before. They removed functionality that worked for me. The can just create a “list view” using the old code.


I had a product like that. It was called Trainerroad. It existed and I was very satisfied until they went and changed it. They completely removed the old interface. It was an existing feature and they deleted it. Its not a new feature request. I am not the only person to ask for them to essentially bring back an old feature.

BTW, for a guy with “mellow” in his name, you are not very mellow.


It COULD be there in a display of situational irony.

My point wasn’t to your request, lots of people make the requests as I linked to above. It’s the way the “requests” are phrased.

In any case, I hope you get what you want. I hope everyone gets what they want. Perhaps the TR guys will simply create a “TR Lite” version for those who don’t want the full feature set, with performance measurements and goal setting functionality, but with all the workouts. Seems like a reasonable request. I’d post it as a “feature-request” and see what flies.


I actually find all that stuff annoying and wish people wouldn’t post it but I get why there’s motivation in that. Me? I set my strava to make workouts private by default and just manually set them to public after I come home from an actual ride.


Some of the only reasonable takes on this thread.

I still can’t wrap my head around people’s calendar hate. If you sign up for a structured progressive training program and get mad that there’s a timeline attached?

Stay mellow.


Because I have a job in public safety. Sometimes something happens and suddenly I am asked to stay at work for 3 days straight or get deployed and I am away from home for 4-7 days. I can usually meet weekly or monthly fitness goals. But I can’t nail down the exact day that I can do a workout ahead of time. I will be sure to ask mother nature to schedule her hurricanes and wildfires so that I can stick to my training plan.

When I get back I just want to pick-up where I left off. I don’t want to start scrolling back and figuring out how many days ago my last workout was or if I squeezed in an outdoor ride. I just want to get on the trainer and do work.


Hey @nebregman, I totally get that and I too get pulled away by work. I had to restart my current plan because of it.

BUT, I think that’s the nature of a structured training plan. If life gets in the way of the plan, don’t just start where you left off. You may have to go back and repeat some previous workouts, or restart a plan like I did, or add some workouts in manually and then get back to the plan. The whole idea of a plan is that you can see what the consequences of the deviation from plan are, and then decide what to do. If its just carry on where you left off, fair enough: just push the next workout to today.

I think your problem is pretty well supported by the calendar, and it only takes a few clicks to update the plan once reality has hit it :grinning: