Feedback needed for Calendar plans and race priority on the Training Stress graph


I like but I think you need to be careful it doesn’t get overcrowded and then becomes difficult to read



I like it, It’s a yes from me!



Looks great.

Another idea we had was the ability to mark an annotation that was visible on the Training Stress graph. This could be turned on/of in the legend. If we did that you could accomplish the above (at least by marking custom areas of training).

I really like this idea. Would work perfectly for custom blocks, and I like the idea of being able to make my annotated holiday weeks in the TSS graph.

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For the intended three goals I think it looks great. I look at the calendar 100% on a 15" laptop screen, so not real worried about text size bunching on smaller displays. Showing plan starts are the most relevant to me, to see when blocks end and start. An option down the line to hide plan text / change month display would be nice. Being able to click a button to change months from single, to double, to 6 month, or similar? Perhaps a way to display all months with just first letter? Great job.



You can collapse the TSS graph now, but you will also be able to turn stuff off/on in a legend.

We’ve talked about collapsing the left hand menu too but we haven’t scheduled that, I’ll bring that up to designers.

Career page too!



We totally agree. The designers are already sweating :slight_smile:. I think we won’t show anything more by default past what we have in this mock up. Everything else would be configurable per user. You could get super crazy with it.



I’d personally like to see all the months as three month abbreviations. The designers are a bit worried that it will be too much. Once we get this in code we can play a bit and see what’s nice.



That all looks great! Any idea when non-ride workouts will auto load to TR thru Garmin or other devices … swims, runs, etc?

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Ir looks great! Please just keep in mind for upcoming updates, to add the functionality of automatically uploading from garmin my run and swim activities, so it’s essier to mark as complete, along with actual durations, actual TSS, HR, and calorie for those activities.


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that’s the million dollars question, imho!



I just added my known A/B races for next season and struggled with seeing where they landed on the timeline. The bump in TSS was the only way to identify them.

The proposed changes look like a good way to address that.



I more than almost want that. I definitely want it. I’ve got a week on my calendar from a stupid 33 hour gravel race :roll_eyes: that blows my TSS chart scaling up so I can’t really see my TSS progression clearly as it is all scrunched down.

Also, maybe I missed it, but what are the dark diamonds? FTP updates?

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I’m frustrated by the lack of zoom on weekly TSS on Calendar page, and rigid 1/2/3/4 year views on Career page. In particular on the Career page, if you select 1 year, I can’t find a way to scroll back to 2017 or 2016.

This is the first iteration of Calendar, so I’m going to sit patiently, wait for enhancements, and continue using TP for additional analysis as needed.

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We’ve got some other work before we do that, so it’s still many months out.


Run and Swim Workout Sync Upload to Calendar




I hear you on the career page.

Why would you need zoom on the calendar TSS? You don’t get more information, you just get bigger bars, and they are pretty big already.



@Nate Because I’m used to the flexible analysis tools in TP?

Here is a concrete example of why I like zooming in:

There are only two things I miss about TP Premium:

  • easy analysis of aerobic decoupling, which I use during base as a metric on longer intervals to assess increasing aerobic fitness
  • looking at TSS progressions for particular periods of time

Hope that helps, the TSS progressions could be better handled by pushing season concept across (I think, just talking out loud).

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All looking great. Might I ask that the ‘month’ in the calendar be clickable, and opens a date picker. Whatever day is chosen, it navigates the main calendar grid to that week, i.e. see attached image. It’s a bit tedious click back/forward buttons, and scrolling the calendar grid is a bit choppy for me.



Sorry this is very late to the mark. Just catching up on some of these posts.

  1. Make it easier to see when a plan starts and ends - can’t see where it ends
  2. Make it easier to see where your races are - works
  3. Make it easier to tell what month is on the Calendar - showing a qtr is helpful


Being able to turn on and off what is being displayed - show or hide every optional graph item would save a huge amount of clutter

Being able to overlay a TSS line from any plan. I get the feeling nearly everyone deviates to some degree from their plan - be it by choice, injury, illness, life in general. A visual reminder of the overall original planed TSS gradient would be a good reference for anyone once they start modifying or missing rides (currently planned TSS graph bars get overwritten once you’ve completed a week) - using a line to show where they were would be helpful). Actually that might be your answer to showing the start and end of any plan. Just show its original TSS Line.

Abbreviate the workout names
Put them in a coloured bar* above the proposed new monthly qtr name display - that would allow for very quick visual references to repeated part plans. Put any overlapping plans on a new line. Add mouseover to this for more info

A W/Kg line/marker

*Use definable colours i.e. season backgrounds, *training plans - season graph bars - markers - lines
It all currently flows into one without start or end.



I’d second this,would find it so much more useful.
I’d like to zoom in so I have more clarity for say a 2 or even 3 month period,where you can see the Yas bars plus all events/races in detail.
I feel that with this I wouldn’t need to use TP at all. At the moment I still do.