Feedback Sports Omnium Question



I just purchased a Feedback Sports Omnium (the overdrive model with progressive resistance) and I took it for its first ride yesterday. Normally I ride a Kinetic Roadmachine, and the Omnium was much less “smooth”. Obviously I don’t expect the Omnium to have the inertia that the Roadmachine has, but what surprised me was the vibration that came through the rear wheel. It was enough that I could feel a low frequency vibration in the handlebars and see my phone on my garmin mount shaking slightly, especially at lower cadences.

Those of you that have Omniums, do yours also send a vibration through the rear wheel? I don’t expect a light weight travel trainer to be as smooth as my heavy and silky smooth Kinetic Roadmachine, but I just want to rule out some sort of defect in the Omnium that I received…perhaps an imbalance in the rollers.

Any input would be hugely appreciated, I just want to make sure that if it is a defect I get it taken care of before the warranty period expires.



I do 95% of my indoor training on the Omnium and it’s usually smooth. I do use a trainer specific tire (Conti Hometrainer). My experience with rollers and this trainer is that occasionally I’ll feel a little vibration on the rear tire, mostly it feels like the tire has some extra rubber on it and is bouncing each wheel rotation. I’ve always chocked that up to just that, rubber on the tire as it’s sheds (this happens especially on newish tires as the bead wears off). On older tires I’ve never noticed this.

Vibrations like you described I’ve never felt.

I’d start trouble shooting with your rim/tire. Making sure it’s all true and the tire has no bulging. Then I’d look at the drums on the Omnium. Are they true? Are they too tight? Are they hitting something on rotation?


I appreciate the info! I had a feeling that the vibration was out of the ordinary…checking the tightness of the drum is a good idea, I’ll see what I can find. I don’t think it’s the tire or rim since the vibration isn’t there with the same bike on my other trainer, but I’ll try it with my cross bike and see if it’s any different.

Thanks Again!


Any vibrations I have experienced have typically come from not having the two rear cylinders positioned/balanced on the rear tire. When setting it up and extending the base of the Omnium I adjust it so that when I loosely spin the rear tire tire the rollers both start moving at the same time. Once that has been done stablished then I tighten the base of the Omnium. Sometimes I need to play with this a bit to get it exactly right. Even just a bit off and I experience vibrations. Not sure if this is what is happening in your case but I haven’t experienced any other situations that cause vibrations with mine.


Excellent, thank you. I will see if I can get everything perfectly aligned today when I do my ride and see how things go. Thanks again for the input!