Final interval music recommendations


For 2016/7 I used Simbian Mobile Disco (Welcome to Sideways) as my ‘go to’ track for those last few intervals. 2017/8 it was Chemical Brothers (Born in the Echoes).

Any recommendations for my 2018/9 campaign?

I prefer to get really familiar with a few ‘trusted’ upbeat temps Albums rather than select a playlist, and then get angry and throw things if I hear R&B vocals in dance music.


I used to use this music for hard strengh workouts - didn’t try on the bike yet, but pretty sure it will work as well:



Personal taste is personal taste. But if you sort your iTunes library by song length, you can put together a playlist to fit with your work and rest intervals.

This has got me through a fair few 5-minute intervals.



Static X “Cannibal Killers Live”!




Sorry last one


I’m thinking a day-long ride with @thesupermarket would not be boring.




Cut it out. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Orbital - Satan or State of Mind - Division Ten

Like my old school dance music :grin:


The Prodigy - Take me to the Hospital…after the final interval! :dizzy_face:


Foo Fighters - Pretender, that usually works for me.

Led Zeppelin - Immigrant Song

Chase & Status, Tinie Tempah - Hitz


No Good Start the Dance. If that doesn’t get you over the line, nothing will!


can we turn this into a communal playlist on spotify somehow?


I often listen to music at work and at bedtime. This is where I and everyone can search and install the best music. download music mp3