For Sale/Want to Buy



It would be awesome if the TR community could sell or buy used equipment. Mountain Project’s forum community has this feature and it is great (I got my first pair of skis there)


That’s not a bad idea. As long as there’s some kind of restriction, like account age, for when people can view the forum to avoid spam. A reputation system would be nice too to give/receive feedback on sellers/buyers.


I believe TGR’s forum has this restriction for sellers.


This would be super helpful! I often find myself with extra handlebars, pedals, power meters, tires, etc that I’m not actively using but don’t want to spend the time trying to sell on Craigslist. Would much rather have a TR user take them off my hands.


This needs review by @Nate and probably run through @chelsea before any action.


Hmm. This definitely needs input from @Nate. I’m of two minds. Buying/selling equipment falls outside the scope of what we do (training). I’m also not sure what level of responsibility we’d need to take in managing a Classifieds category. There’s a lot to consider. What if someone has a bad experience with a seller? When and how do we step in? My other thought is that it could take our team of community managers away from engaging in the discussions we really want you to be here for, which are TR and training-related — all topics that center around you becoming a faster cyclist.

All that said, this forum is about you all! :slight_smile: If a Classifieds category is valuable to you getting faster, then a buy/sell category could happen. Our team would just need to be super clear on the guidelines of that category.


I’m not opposed to it long term, but for now I don’t want to make any changes like this. Let’s revisit in about three months.

I feel like the forum is just a baby right now, we still need to find out what it wants to be when it grows up :).


@Nate :+1:


Thanks for the thoughts and comments, Nate & Chelsea.


Sensible response @Nate

Honestly - whilst I think a lot of us may find it helpful - @chelsea ‘s thoughts are the right questions.

Even if you put lots of ‘TR bears no responsibility ‘ all over it - I still think it’s potential pain you guys don’t need. There are lots of places we can buy kit, new or second hand - so what is the added value of TR hosting it?

Perhaps a better idea is that we can post a link to a TP platform, on a TR forum - when we have listed items for sale. Thereby flagging it to the TR community (valuable I agree) but avoiding TR actually being involved?


What if we use / create a FB group. I buy and sell on FB all the time. It could be an extension of TR and managed by the staff or one of the moderators like @mcneese.chad. FB already has the system in place. Members can be restricted to current TR users and require admin approval.


Probably a fine location, idea and use of existing tech.

But I am initially hesitant to drive when $ is involved. And I would suggest other than being a pipeline to build the user base, TR naming and connection should not be present.


I wanted to mention that there’s also a large amount of cycling-specific classifieds out there, like or in addition to more local options like Craigslist and FB Marketplace, and finally the more broad option - eBay. In my opinion, the TR user base is so widespread and global that it might not even be worth it for users to try to focus on selling gear to other users due to prohibitive shipping costs, and they might have better luck selling more locally.