For Sale/Want to Buy


What about a single thread dedicated to Buy/Selling stuff?

I’d want to make sure that we don’t clog the forum up with lots of threads.

Plus, if you don’t want to see it you just have to mute one channel and you’ll never seen it again.



That could work. I would suggest maybe a couple of things to keep it manageable.

Make it a monthly thread i.e February Buy/Sell
Limit it to bike related items i.e not crock pots and show tires
Have the title format [country][city] item for sale
And lastly must include a price - no “gauging interest” or make an offer or highest bidder.

Off course it needs to be clear that TR had nothing to do with any transaction its just a place to post

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That sounds like a good solution.

Another idea is to create a “Classifieds” category. Based on
this it would appear that TR can mute categories for all users. Also, I found this cool plugin that, if I am understanding correctly, should streamline the classifieds thread/category…




A few recommendations that come from other forums:

  1. Limited to current TR subscribers or limited to folks who have X # of posts or limited to folks that have been a member for the TR forum for X amount of time.
    Helps keep out the riff-raff + makes this more of a benefit for the contributing members.

  2. Picture of item required.
    Clarifies what someone is selling

  3. No used tires

  4. No OBO + no public complaining about pricing.
    Reduces the back/forth.
    If someone has a problem about pricing they take it up with OP directly.

  5. Include a way to give seller feedback
    Really helps to get a picture of how dependable a seller is.
    If “classifieds” becomes a sub-forum it can simply be an all encompassing thread within.



Agreed :+1:

Perhaps a sticky thread laying out the ground rules. The user has to reply to the thread their agreement and then an admin gives them access to the thread/category…

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No, sorry. That was a bad typo on my part. AFAIK, there are still no sales allowed.

Sorry for my mistake and confusion from it.

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Oh okay. No problem I just deleted my post.

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Another idea, to limit liability, would allow us to post links to where we have the item listed. Ie, FB or eBay. Then if a user is interested he can go negotiate on the other platform.
Sort of an advertisement of your advertisement.

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Could just create a selling forum like Slowtwich. When you come here you choose which thread you want to enter, the cycling forum or classified forum. Public place where TR takes no responsibility for deals/transactions.