FTP and Annual training hours: Share your numbers


Hey all,
Is there a way to tell on TrainerRoad how many hours one has done?
The only weekly cumulative that I can find is the TSS.


Very impressive and inspiring … I’m 48 yrs old and climbing the FTP ladder. Thanks for the mental boost.


The old Career page used to show how many days/weeks of cumulative rides you had done on TR–now it only shows the number of rides you’ve done :confused:.


I’m at 4W/kg @ 303W. This year (not including December) I’ve done ~410 hours total Swim/Bike/Run/Strength with ~171 hours on the bike and a split of ~140 indoor, 32 outdoor. I live with snow on the ground for 6 months of the year so the outdoor riding season is pretty short for me added with the fact that I live in an area with flat boring roads where the crazy prairie wind is my “hill” training–it can also be pretty dangerous to ride on the highways when said crazy wind is a crosswind and traffic is blasting by at over 100km/h. I really need a gravel bike to explore more quiet roads around me.


48 years old
338 Hrs this year so far
3.82 per Kg
FTP 261

Hope to be 4Kg and FTP 270-280 next year, but think the age might get the better of me!


Sounds good.

Are those only TR hours and no other training?


You can do it!

Same 48yrs old just hit 4.06 for the last couple of training blocks.
316hrs YTD, will probably hit 350hrs by the end of the year. 8% down on last year due to days off sick :frowning:

This is my second year with TR. I think it’s taken a year to adapt to the type of training and different training phases.


39 yrs
196 hours
292 Aug, 315 Sep, 323 Nov
4.45 w/kg


1st year on the bike and 289 hours of training in 2018 so far.

Current numbers: FTP: 272 - 4.32 w/kg, 63 kg, 31 years.

I started using TR since the end of August, 52 TR rides so far.


2.88 watt/kg
225 FTP
333 Hours of riding

This is my first year of structured training, started with 1.8 watt/kg. Lost 34 lbs since starting with TR in Feb.


Rode 400 hours this year to date & currently at 4.6 W/KG in SSB2, roughly hitting high 400s - mid 500 TSS weekly.

Aiming for the elusive 5 w/kg next year


That 300 hrs includes both inside and outside riding.


3.62 w/kg
274 FTP
~530 hours in 2018


I am 388 training hours in 2018 which is mostly TR training rides, outdoor riding & racing, running, some swimming and a rare hike or three. I should hit 400 hours by the end of the month. My FTP/kg has already been hurt by a few winter pounds.

FTP/kg: 3.34
Age: 42


Nice job!
My first proper 2x8’ FTP test was 229 (tested 189 before that but I did not know how to suffer then, so probably way underestimated). I was a quite a bit heavier than now, approx 2.5W/kg


517hrs to date. Inside and outside training
312w FTP
41 years old
Started TR in Dec 2016.


258 hours so far
Average 5.4 hours per week
43 years old
298w (4.4w/kg (67kg))


up till 2016: golf, golf, and only golf
2016: 57 hrs on mtb, joined National Bike Challenge
2017: 164 hrs, June bought first road bike, July bought first REAL road bike, Sep. first century since high school
2018: 365 hrs ytd, Feb. first trainer (StacZero) FTP 179 on Zwift, April got a Kickr & 228 FTP, June found TrainerRoad 213 ramp test, Aug. 232 FTP, Oct. 246 FTP, Nov. 249 FTP

Genuinely excited about using TrainerRoad to become a healthier husband and father for my family as I enter my 40’s (down 30lbs+). Get pumped to hop out of bed and do fasted morning rides and watch the kgs drop! Get pumped every time I upgrade a component on the ride. Looking forward to improving upon my current 3w/kg and crushing the HHH ride next year!


2016: Baseline, 50ish hours this year, all outside, 230 FTP, 3.2 w/kg
2017: 201 hours (~75% on TR), 270 FTP - 3.9 w/kg
2018: ~210 hours by end of year (~80% on TR), Current 255 FTP, 3.7 w/kg
New parent, so the inconsistency in the back half of the year has just kept me stagnant

Currently 27 years old.


Inaugural members of the “soon to leave Clydesdale club!” and “going to blow thru 3 W/kg!” clubs!