FTP and Annual training hours: Share your numbers


Got injured back in March, which I am still recovering from, hence a huge drop in training hours.



FTP: 3.35
I’m gonna hit 350/360 hours for 2018


271W FTP
4.0 W/kg
161 hours on the bike this year so far

Started Trainerroad and structured training one year ago at 219W 3.27 W/kg. Mostly followed low volume programs except during summer when all riding was outdoors

Also spent
120 hours on running and 27 hours on swimming this year


30 yrs, ~82kg
2017: 515 hours - went from 3.8W/kg to 4,3W/kg (370W/20 min test)
2018: 500 hours - from 4.4 W/kg back in Janurary, to 4.5W/kg (in my first TR ramp test)

Have not been monitoring my FTP very closely these past two seasons, with on test prior and one test post season (road racing in Denmark).

Aiming for an even 5W/kg @ 80kg/400W :smile:


I read somewhere that Annika Langvad did something like 880 hours in 2017 … that is pretty impressive! Well, she is a pro after all!


265 hours on the bike, 500 hours across S/B/R.
255w @ 3.95w/kg. Just about to re-test and hoping to go above 4w/kg.
Want to be closer to 4.3w/kg by race season in mid 2019.


Um, ready for some silly questions? How do you know your “training” time? Is this total bike time or just on TR or including outdoors? :flushed:


129h total hours in the saddle so far this year (trainer, racing & outdoor rides). I hit 3.95W/kg back in April (end of my race season), currently sitting at 3.64W/kg. I’m usually around 88kg and 35y.o.

In 6 years of racing, this has been the most training I’ve done.


If you’re using Garmin Connect you can go to “Reports” -> “Progress Summary” then filter by sport. This gives number of activities, total distance, total training time etc…


Ok well:

Total time in saddle this year 262 hours
Started TR and any sort of “training” in Jan this year
Current FTP is 206W - 3.0 W/kg

Hoping to hit 3.5 W/kg this year.


Current FTP 5.1 W/KG
Total training time this year 730 hours.

To all of you out there at 4.4W/KG on 270 hours…hats of to you, makes me feel like I am wasting so much time on the bike.


I have just decided to start working to annual hours rather than mileage in 2019
Target will be 300 which I will hit in 2018 and 2017 was about 280

Age 61 w/k 2.9 as I have just dropped my FTP down 15 watts to 235. Normally on 3.0 w/kg


From Strava I should hit 560 hours riding. I’m not sure all of them could be described as training though.
I’m 62 with an FTP of 258W and a Watts/kg of 2.97 W/kg. I could do with loosing about 7/8 kgs though.


300 hours this year. (Mix of TR, Sufferfest, Zwift and Outdoors) I rarely just ride along. I’m almost always in “Training ride” mode.
4.2 W/Kg
47 years old

Goal for 2019 is 4.5W/Kg - i’d have done it this year if it wasn’t for that pesky car that hit me…


If you are doing that much riding you must fuel well in between rides to still need to lose 7 kg :slight_smile:


I ride to eat. I like my food too much.


175 hours for 3.63 smth. Not too bad i guess :thinking:, not sure if i want to throw extra 100h to get over 4 though.


60 yo
470 hrs on the bike in 2018
120 hrs erging in 2018
ftp about 280 w
3.5 ftp w/kg
80 kg
2018 was my first year on TR and only did SSB HV 1 and 2 in Feb/Mar/Apr, otherwise riding outdoors


3.68w/kg, 370 hours so far, 36 years old.


I’ll crack 400 hours, with about 75 being commute hours.

Topped out at 4.5 at 75kg. Down to 71kg to start Base and starting the season at 4.37.

I’ll probably shoot for 450 in 2019.