FTP and Physiology, Sprinting Mistakes, 24 Hours in the Old Pueblo & More – Ask a Cycling Coach 195


I think its important to be flexible on plans, last 24 race I did the first person out was due to ride 3 and after the first lap shouted ‘switch after two’ when he came through transition. You could plan to ride single laps at the start and then switch to double as the race progresses through the night. But the key thing is to have a plan B, and probably C!!


It’s a cluster either way. In my experience, the key to a fast start is having that teammate/friend find you with the bike. It also helps to start the lineup process about 30 minutes prior to the start; drop the bike w/your buddy, so you should have some idea of where the bike is with or without a flag/umbrella, and walk to the race start.

Good luck to all who will be out there this year!


@Nate mentioned Spencer +2 in this episode. Had that on the calendar yesterday during crazy work week. Was thinking “this is way too hard even though I’m more tired than usual “. Finished it, barely, and got off the bike to find I was in the wrong gearing the whole time. I run ERG usually in 34/19 combo. Did Spencer +2 in 34/17, and what a slog. Was like a climbing workout by the end. Ah, well. Lesson learned. Always check your gearing before a workout, especially if you’re a bit fatigued . :blush:. @GPLama has a nice video on the topic.