FTP building -what plan



Age group triathlete with experience using TR HIM plan last season. Just finished a sweetspot base to brush off the dust and want to dedicate 6-8 weeks to solely increasing FTP.

What plan would be the best for increasing raw FTP?

Following this FTP build I plan to start HIM TR base/build/spec and follow the normal progression. I did not see a great deal of FTP increase over the course of all the phases and want to get a jump on that early.



Which volume SSB did you do?

If you plan on doing the HIM build later in the season, I would suggest Sustained Power Build mid or high volume depending on time available.


Hey there!

Seeing as you’ve now finished Sweet Spot Base, I would recommend Sustained Power Build as your FTP building program :slight_smile:



Did the low volume SSB to not increase weekly TSS too much. Juggling increasing running to 50/mile a week in preparation of balancing a busy season with half and full marathons in spring , tris in the summer and ends in a 50M ultra trail next Oct.

Sustained build is what I’m doing currently and I thank you for reassuring me that was a good choice.