FTP Challenge/Hour Record 2020

Challenge completed!

Ride now open for analysis:

I have my own thoughts about it but I’ll wait for the peanut gallery to calm down first. :stuck_out_tongue:


nice work, was the jump at ~40 mins in mental or physical? HR didn’t jump significantly

Oh that was totally planned. As well as the jump at 50min.
Was riding the last half mostly on HR data/theoretically calculated zones.
At 30min I tried to hold around 145bpm, then at 50min up to 150-155bpm.

No scientific protocol or anything behind that decision, just a hunch at pacing.

I did mine a few weeks ago.

62 minutes at FTP


Pretty sure my FTP is totally wrong.


Well done @stevemz @Captain_Doughnutman :grinning:

You guys are making it look easy!

(edit: looking at this now, the choice is obvious. I’ll leave this up for the rubber neckers but don’t read this post! Apologies for wasting your precious time. :man_facepalming: )

Help me make up my FTP mind:

  1. the “hour”/55min interval was 235w NP (could have been 240 but I was really d*ckin’ around for a while there in the middle :roll_eyes: ):

  2. the last 20min was 255w NP/av:

Very recent 20min test was 230w NP/av which put me at ~220w FTP.

What would be a more realistic choice:
The ‘Hour’ FTP @ 235w or the ‘Tired 20’ FTP @ ~240-245w (using the standard 95% of 20min test)?

My 4hrs of Tempo training this month really paid off! :+1::rofl:

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not sure you can just say “tired 20” without doing the 5 min all out anaerobic clearing effort beforehand in a 20 min test. But you know if your 60 min effort was truly a max effort or not

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Hang on guys, this thread is to challenge the myth that FTP is hour power, not reaffirm it!

If you can hold or exceed your established FTP for an hour, I say your FTP is likely…but not definitely…higher than you think.

Use your judgement and additional testing as you see fit to establish a new FTP.

In TR’s version of the 20min test, the 5min “all out” is @ 110%; not so anaerobic. Doing 35min @ 100% could put a “tired” spin on the last 20min of the hour ride, especially in my current state of ‘how low can you go’ fitness.

After consulting with both HR and RPE, I’m going to go with a new 240 FTP. :+1:

(which is weird after such a prolonged period of inactivity…:man_shrugging: oh well…take the money & run!)


I suspect you’re a bit higher, but you can’t spend your whole time testing :wink:

That would mean my ‘off the couch/out of the coffin’ FTP would be ~250. Logically, I just can’t accept that. :exploding_head::shushing_face::laughing:

Mine pretty much flatlined around 250 kind of in a good way, last year. Put in a bunch of training, only got up to 253, took 8 weeks off, 252, some training, then 6 weeks illness…251. Made me wonder about my FTP and eventually start this thread.

250 is also what I came in at when I started TR in 2018 after about 6 weeks off. Not sure if I should be excited that my floor is 250 or depressed that after 6 months of training I went up to only 300. :confused:

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