FTP loss during SSB1


Ha! Same.


So after a week of starting MV2 at my old FTP I retested today and got 284. A slight 3.5% gain but alongside 8kg of weight loss a pretty solid gain.
So glad I ignored the first test. I like the idea of some openers during the end of the recovery week so might shift my plans around so the recovery starts slighlty earlier but then has a couple of hard workout before a retest.


Did you use the ramp test again or go with either 8 or 20min?


That was the ramp test - feels about right but will do another mid plan again


I have been thinking the same thing lately. After SSBI my FTP stayed the same but I still struggle with VO2 max work during SSBII. It’s getting better, but I wonder if I should have done a a 20 or 8 minute test to better reflect the sustained work of Base I. Something I might consider when I retest after Base II (especially if I don’t like my Ramp Test numbers. :joy::joy::joy: )


Just to add another data point, after my Ramp Test decrease in FTP, I raced twice this weekend and got DE-stroyed both days :rofl:

Looking forward to testing again after some SSBMV2 and a bit of Threshold/VO2Max work.


I thought you guys were nuts as I just went through SSB1 and felt much stronger along the way. Able to do the workouts easier and all in the aero position, which has been very rare for me. Then this morning did the ramp test and had similar results to you guys, FTP # decrease. I know that’s not true I’m sure I could have held 5% over my current FTP so am also suspecting the lack of VO2 work isn’t conducive to the ramp. Honestly thinking of the 20 minute test later in the week as a replacement for one of the SSBII workouts on the schedule to validate my thoughts.


Why not just manually raise your FTP and see how it feels?


I mean, yes, that is a possibility but I think the point of all of this is that SSB1 does not work the top-end so a decline in FTP is expected and somewhat inevitable. “Manually raising your FTP” is only shooting yourself in the foot if you can’t complete the following workouts.


Respectfully, I would strongly disagree that it is inevitable or normal for your FTP to decline during SSB1. That has at least not been my experience going through base twice now. Even in SSB1 you’re still getting plenty of work near threshold.

Further, maybe I should be clearer, but it should have been implied that you raise your FTP to highest level at which you can still complete the workouts. Additionally, don’t overlook the second part of my comment: “see how it feels”. In other words, don’t be afraid to move it back down if you overshot it.


December 2017 I kicked off SSB-1-HV with the classic 8 minute ftp test at 236W. In January 2018 started SSB-2 with my first ramp test and saw an increase to 247W. A decline in FTP is not inevitable IMHO.

I’ve stuck with ramp tests this year, although on last test my lungs gave out before legs so it “felt like” I could have done better on 8 or 20 minute tests. I’m a good pacer, but who knows, it could have given me the same result.


Totally acceptable approach, but the engineer in me wants an A to B comparison. If I didn’t want to do the 20, that’s exactly what I would do given all the SSB1 workouts felt completely manageable and not really ever on the edge.


I am just now entering my recovery week (week 6) for SSBLV1 and am semi-nervous about my ramp test. Having just come off “Short Power Build LV” prior to this plan to try and tune up for a late season race, I have been modifying my my schedule to include outside rides and/or extra rides/+1 workouts, so my weekly TSS will have averaged 317/week when I’m done, as contrasted to 211/week as prescribed by the plan. So I’m closer to mid-volume than I am to low volume.

I guess I’m nervous because while I know FTP is just a number and doesn’t define me, etc., I’ve been working pretty hard…and when you’re working hard you want to see progress. And since we’re cyclists, progress is measure in watts.

However, I can see how the lack of Vo2 work could affect your ramp test performance due to lack of intensity in the recent work…

Someone mentioned doing an “opener” a day or two before the test – and workouts, in particular, that any of you would recommend?


Any of the Truuli variations will do.


Just ramp tested for start of ssb mv2 and lost 18w from start of ssb mv1. The repeatability is there just not the vo2. Believe in the process, the Chad is good lol.


So where are you going to set your FTP? At the new level?


Going with the new number, besides ive a date with Disaster next weekend.




adreif, exactly my story, workouts got easier during SSB1 but my 6 week ramp test showed a drop which I knew wasn’t the case so I just upped my ftp and SSB2 is going fine. You’ll know yourself, if I had lowered my FTP the workouts would have been too easy. I really feel I don’t perform as well if I take 2 or 3 day rest and then take the ramp test. A short SS spin the day before the ramp test and I am definitely in a better place.


Wait, so what did you do before that? How well trained were you? In my situation, I came off a season of racing a few times a week for months (XCMTB > STXC > CX) then into SSB1. I would argue a decline in FTP is definitely inevitable.