FTP over 50 years


I’m turning 55 next year and my last FTP test was 222. I’d like to see 250+, maybe peak at 300 for A endurance events. Curious as to what other over 50 TR users aim for heading toward 60 yrs. Probably a can of worms as fitness has so many variables, but appreciate your thoughts.


My dads around 56 i believe, and when he peaks each year, he reaches 300w.

We both went on a cycling holiday this year and he was 75kg @ 300W. He’s been riding for around 9 years now.


Where am I going wrong? :tired_face:


I’m 60 and I had a lousy year for FTP. I think I’m mostly going to try to lose weight, because gaining FTP does seem to be a lot harder now. I suppose I need to do more in-season FTP testing, but my season was messed up by a knee problem. Thinking about weight lifting because sitting at a desk all those years has resulted in attenuated muscles.


I’m as good as 54 [next week] and have been riding recreationally for about the last 10 years and using TRd to loosely structure training for about the last 4 or 5 years [with the admitted infidelity of Beta Testing Zwift before it launched within that period].

I ride a couple of big challenge events a year, on and offroad and I’m age group pack fodder. I finish everything I start, which I often forget is sometimes quite the achievement. But I always think I could do a lot “better”, depending on how I’m defining better at different points in time.

Year on year I see improvements dependent upon the degree of my focus and competing life commitments. Now whilst not complaining of accelerated decrepitude, I know that in certain respects physiologically I am more restricted, but I can still see improvements in my “numbers”.

I put this down to becoming better at training as well as training better. I’ve never been overweight and so have no real “gains” to find from that end, but have seen improvements from improving the quality of my diet. If I do lose the 1-2kg that lets me bend in the middle I then have to watch out for going too far and losing power. This also goes hand in hand with an increased vulnerability to minor illnesses and niggling injuries.

I trust TRd and Coach Chad and know if I follow the plans the gains will come - that’s a given … personally tried and tested. But I know if I also listen to him, Coach Jonathon and Nate and [Tart] cherry pick from the wealth of information on the Podcasts etc. I can improve my “susceptibility to improvement” so to speak.

I guess what I’m saying is it’s very individual, depends on how fit and trained you are to start with and that TRd will only be part of the process, but surprisingly, not necessarily the most important part.


66 here and I finished out the season last month with my FTP at 236 and weighing 64 kg/141 lbs, 180 cm/5’ 11". I’ve been cycling 5+ years with 2+ years of TrainerRoad. This year went better than the previous year except that the beta version of the Ramp Test gave me a high FTP setting in February. That high setting made it so that I couldn’t complete a lot of workouts - very discouraging. Next year I will know to avoid that. I’m still interested in seeing what this older body can do, with the expectation of improvement despite the accumulating years.

I began my studies of endurance training as a distance runner at age 15 and I’ve developed a less-is-more training philosophy - less suffering, more fun. My 20s saw some sub-2.5 hour marathons, my best at age 24. Maybe a similar 9 years, this time from age 61 to 70, is needed for my next peak. :slight_smile:


I’m 57 and have been doing structured training for a long time (since i was 12 albeit with some gaps). For sure, me at 20 and me at 57 are two vastly different athletes!

I did not take up cycling until my early 40’s and I’m holding my own and even still improving in some areas. But my FTP has been pretty flat for the past few years. One thing I have definitely seen is I need more recovery and I cannot necessarily, for example, follow a mid level plan with sprinkling in some extra rest/recovery. I’ve been able to hold on to my performance levels better than I thought I would but the declining ability to pile on tons of work over time is starting to put some real limits on improvement. So, I’ve started putting more emphasis on losing weight and buying aero stuff :wink:


I’m 56 and cycling for almost 3 years, and last 2 years with a power meter. Picked up a trainer last October.

In Spring 2017 my ftp was 275 a month before my first double century, felt great and it was fun keeping up with the Cat2/3 guys on Wed night group ride.

This year I’ve had to deal with an old knee injury flaring up (ski accident 35+ years ago), and my ftp has been yo-yo’ing between 220 and 250. Also discovered bio-mechanical issues preventing me from doing squats and deadlifts, spent the summer remediating and recovering.

My goal for Spring 2019 is ftp of 300+, definitely haven’t hit my max yet.


Late night snacks for me! :ice_cream: @GeorgeAnderson


I had the problem of over-performing on an ftp test. I think with the ramp test that is less of a problem for me, so if you aren’t using that I would try it. It also makes sense to use the test as an advisory and set ftp manually.

I used the 8 minute test at first, just because I’m not good at suffering for 20 minutes. I didn’t have trouble completing the workouts at first, but once I got into my season I was working too hard and workouts were too difficult. But I was also standing up a lot, I think my standing ftp is 10 percent higher than my sitting ftp. Last winter I dropped my ftp manually until I could complete workouts while sitting the whole time. I have vague plans of making custom workouts where I can increase the power for standing segments.


I’m in same boat with knees, bad osteoarthritis in both, so deadlifts and squats are not on the menu. However, we have tons of steep stuff around here and my 190lbs 68kg frame makes up for some of the lifting loss. Bike fit is pretty crucial saving the knees, I started from scratch 4 years ago and it’s been a miracle of pain relief for me. Awesome job getting the 275, I just got a wahoo snap and ERG mode is quite exhilarating! Coach Chad’s workouts will that much more fun. 275 by my next A event is a great goal :+1:t3:


put the work in and you’ve got this!


Awesome replies everyone, very interesting to read your thoughts.

Thanks for sharing :clap:t2::clap:t2::clap:t2::clap:t2:


I’m 53. Started structured training on TR with FTP of 183. I’m at 227 FTP after a round of sweet spot base and general build. My goal is 250 FTP then I’ll re-evaluate. I’ll probably switch over to FTP/kg goal because I’m also interesting in losing weight. I don’t compete so it’s mostly about health and fitness for me.


I am 62 years old and have been riding since I was 14 years old. My first cycling shoes required a break in for 150 miles to allow the cleat to be nailed in the correct position. I have been using a Wahoo KICKR for 2 years with TrainerRoad. Over 2 years and multiple FTP tests 20 mins, 8min x 2 and recently the Ramp test. It has not changed with any of the testing - 228 with the 20 min and 8 min vs 227 with the Ramp test. I lost 15-18 lbs this spring and found improved my performance with fast pack rides. I have noticed that my ability to really pull out max efforts, particularly steep climbs, has decreased progressively since I was 57. But my endurance combined with steady state fast rides has remained unchanged. My goals have changed and I no longer shoot for the fastest climber on the hills. I now climb mid to front but keep gas in the tank so I don’t have to recovery at the top.


I’m 51 at 5’-11" and I fluctuate between 160-170 lbs. I race primarily MTB now but train mostly on the road. Usually in the spring after a full training cycle I am above 300 FTP. I have aging knees and struggle with recovery that seems to get worse every year. When I started TR back in 2013 I think I had an FTP of 195. If you stick with it, the gains will come. But at our age you really have to pay attention to nutrition and recovery.


I am 52 in two weeks time. 183cm and 67kg with FTP at 239. Mostly MTBer. Been using TR for about a year and have seen big improvements - more then just an FTP increase. Overall strength, endurance and fitness are way better than I have ever been.

I used to ride 3 times a week before structured training and TR came along but became stagnant with fitness increases.

I would like to get to 4w/kg by early next year so aiming for FTP of around 270.


Yep. The nutrition plan is huge now. The TR podcast has been so good with help there. I ride century events with big climbs. I finally executed a good plan at the Deathride this year and finished strong.


Not sure if I’ll do the DR again, but it was an awesome experience. Ice cream at the top of Carson pass never tasted so good!


57 years old. FTP 301 (power meter). 182 cm Tall and 78kg. Did a ramp test this week. Been with TR for 5 - 6 years and been doing the high volume training plans the last couple. I’m building my FTP back up again. I’ve had it up to 318. I’m actually thinking of going back to the 2 x 8 minute test as 301 feels a bit light. Sure I used to do better with the 2x8 minute test. I wonder if the ramp test better suits younger riders with higher revving engines than us older guys with strong steady state diesel engines?