FTP update after test



After completing a ramp test, my career page (web) still showed my old FTP and W/Kg. I went into my profile and changed in manually, but should the TR software pick that up automatically or was I just impatient?


I’ve had the career page not update and changed it manually. It has always been correct on the device that I did the ramp test on though.


Mine didn’t change right away but it did end up changing before my next scheduled workout


I recently had the same issue…tested first time with TR auto FTP which seemed low and tested 2nd time a few days later with higher results but never had TR auto update my FTP. I am brand new to this so I just assumed my career would auto update on each ramp test?


Done my first FTP for SSB2 tonight, accepted the FTP value and it has not updated (web app)
It definitely did update when I accepted at start of SSB1.

Something gone wrong here?


To add to the above it has updated on my Android app. Been into web app and forced it to refresh and now shows up.

This looks again like the same issues with the web app not refreshing that I have had all over the place.

Is it worth raising with support again as issue is slightly different place or not? They did (with video I took) say my issues were known and may be fixed at some point.

Is more than an irritation now though, having to let page load then reload every time.


Go ahead and report this to our Support Team. We really appreciate your help (and patience) as we work on improving this issue :+1:.


Re-raised it and added extra info. Hoping if it is the same issue as I experienced before it is soon to be fixed.