Garmin tab for mounting phone out front for TR



Couldn’t find anything already posted, but have bought 2 of these off Amazon for $22NZ, and they work great for mounting my phone out front on a standard Garmin mount for either listening to podcasts/music or TR, if not using tablet.


Did it work ok?


A quick google for a 3D print file for a garmin quarter turn mount will net you a file that you can then use for any 3d print community service to get multiples made for fractions of that price. example:

I’ve used this and then superglued them onto the back of a cheap mall phone case after some sanding to roughen up the bonding surface.


Good find! Here’s our blog post on the mount we put together a while back:


Here’s one I made earlier…


Niceeee, did you 3-D print the whole thing?


Yup. Got the file for the Garmin mount from thingiverse. Custom sized the holder for my phone. Stuck both together with contact adhesive.

It was a little tight for my OnePlus 3 but perfect for my mate 10 pro :slight_smile:


thingiverse and the 3d hub print community are honestly game changing for these types of projects. You can have minimal understanding of things and people can, or already have, developed pieces that you might want, and then you can find someone with a 3d printer and get it all printed up.