Garmin Vector 3 - Reported battery Levels



Just replaced the batteries in my Garmin Vector 3 pedals and I get quite different readings if connected via ANT+ (50%) or Bluetooth (85%). Any suggestions on why that might be the case? Thanks.


Power meters Usually transmit information once every second. Bluetooth technology allows for 64 times per second but is a closed system. ANT plus around 4 times a second. With my experience with Vectors I would says trust ANT+ as power meters don’t work that fast and is probably an issue with Garmin and the battery levels. It happens to me all the time. One side actually drains faster than the other one.


Ant + for myself show 25% for quite some time and then they just died (the batteries). I used my garmin 1030 and it showed red. I wouldn’t trust what TrainerRoad tells you, use garmin once in a while. No offense to TrainerRoad, I think it has very general battery info, 85%, 50%, 25%, that’s about it.

This morning after changing batteries 22 days ago, the vector 3’s acted really weird, constantly dropping out, changed the batteries, it was good. Last time I checked TrainerRoad, it showed 85%. Not sure what happened there, bad batteries, I’m going to check them out this weekend, the ones I swapped out but hoping I didn’t get a batch of bad batteries, energizer, I was hoping for better.


I have V3s and I get the similar reading you do via bluetooth connections. My work thru is that I follow is: I always use my Garmin Edge 810 and when I receive a warning on that screen then I am alerted to that my battery power is low. I have dual pedals and when my battery gets low on my Edge 810 I will sometimes get a left or right pedal not connected. I usually go three more workouts and replace batteries if I know I’m going outside I will replace before my outdoor ride just for peace of mind.
So just to summarize:

  1. I use my garmin Edge for all all indoor rides but follow the TR dashboard via moblie or PC
  2. I only worry about my battery level when I get a warning on my Garmin Edge. Sometimes I get a battery level via Garmin Connect on the PC. I haven’t figured it out on the mobile App.
    Finally, I’m very happy with the V3s.
    Hope this helps.


I rarely use the 1030 inside but try to check once in a while. Rain has set in here in the northwest, so outside is done for now. I did find that my last replacements were the LR44 which I really didn’t read were the cheaper version compared to the SR44 which I ordered some this morning. Guess I’ll see the difference between the batteries.


I also don’t trust the battery percentages displayed in TrainerRoad. My V3’s went from 85% to 25% last week. FWIW, I use Bluetooth. Now I just have batteries ready to go for when they go from 25% to dead.

I’ll have to connect the Garmin and see what it says as others have mentioned.