Giveaway- electrode gel for chest straps


CYBER MONDAY a day early.

Live in the USA? Reply to claim one, I’ll ship free of charge (PM your address). Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Winter Solstice, or whatever politically incorrect :crazy_face: greeting appropriate for this time of year.

Push TR Plan 1wk and Ride Outside!

Sweet, do you make the gel?


No, I bought a bunch at Amazon and later realized it was a lifetime supply. I only need to use it a couple times a year, when it’s really cold and dry and I don’t have time to warm up before heading outside.



The original inspiration for purchasing:

And it was something like $7 for one tube, or $15 for a bunch of tubes. Never one to pass up a deal, I bought a pile of tubes :joy:

Ever wonder if electrode gel would improve chest strap HR monitoring? Don’t pass up this giveaway! You will help me cleanup up the pain cave, and do yourself a favor in the process!


This made me LOL…thank you


Yes please! Because it is super gross licking a HR strap…I always have issues with my Garmin one (the expensive one of course) vs the cheapy Cat Eye one


My pain cave thanks you!

3 more available!


What the hell, I’ll take one. Thanks.:+1:


yay, more room for new stuff!

2 left!


Desperate cry for help, please adopt a tube of electrode gel so we have more space to save money on mass quantities of household items :rofl:

We do not throw away stuff, and I can’t recycle it. Doubt Goodwill knows what to do with this stuff!


I totally do that!


Just say no to licking your chest strap!


Just so everyone knows, a little goes a long way. I bought 2 tubes of this stuff in 2013. Just emptied the first, 5 years later.

A small dab will easily cover both pads.


If there’s still one available, I’d help.


Yup, I’ve got one more!


Yahoo! Message sent.