Giving coach access to my account or coaching account


I currently am coached and my coach uses training peaks to schedule and review my training.
I would like to give them access to my trainer road account… so she can drag and drop my workouts. Most of which are custom designed and I use workout creater to make the trainer road compatable.

Also at the moment I am spending Sunday afternoons copy my plan across to the cool new trainer road calendar. And then copying and rebuilding the indoor workouts in workout creator (MRC files make this easy)

Myself I prefer the trainer road analytics and calendar. I also much prefer trainer road controlling my trainer to some other apps.
I have discussed this and she is open to the idea of trialling this.

Should I just giver her my login details? Or is there another way?

Also are there any plans going forward for a “coaches” account. I know you can sort of do this with the “teams” feature.

Regardless… data can still be analysed both ways and on both platforms… but the way the calendar and performance analytics are shaping up I think you are into a winner.


Hoping someone can help-- or is it just as simple as give them my login details?


Yup, sharing your login info is the approved solution right now, direct from Nate.

Make sure to use something uniquely different from your other account passwords, for security.


Thank you Chad.
I will do that.