Good YouTube Racing - Videos for Training


This guys youtube channel has gotten me through a few tough TR workouts.

If those old Belgian classic races don’t do it for you i doubt nothing will.


Any of the Red Hook Crit races series. 90 minutes of fixed gear crit race finals. Brooklyn, London, Milan


@MI-XC, what do you use to get the batteries to last an entire race? Well, I guess, what’s your setup in general?

Just watched a good portion of your Pontiac Lake Challenge race. Man, you were looking great till that wreck! Nice job hanging in there for a solid finish! I’m sure 2019’s gonna be a great year for you.


GoPre Hero 7 (now) with a Chesty Mount. Then GoPro tucked under seat for rear facing. GoPro battery runtimes based on my tests below. This year I’ll run 2.7k / 30 Fps / wide / protune.

1:24 runtime: 4K / 30 fps / super view / protune

1:37 runtime: 4K / 30 Fps / wide / protune

1:42 runtime; 2.7k / 30 Fps / super view / protune

2:03 runtime: 2.7k / 30 Fps / wide / protune

2:20 runtime: “claimed, not tested” - 1080 / 30 Fps / wide

I was in 2nd at the time of the crash (Grade 3 AC separation and still finished the race for 5th place HTFU). I was in 1st place in the first lap and felt in control of the pace. I felt I had it all but wrapped up and was just waiting for my time to attack. If I finished 1st I would have also gotten 3rd place overall for the Championship Point Series. What could have been, but I guess that’s racing.


You might also like On track with Curtis Keene, 4 seasons with 10 minute episodes covering the EWS.
It got me really stoked for mountain biking.


Absolute favorite - the Madison -


And the one from 2016 -


Almost as good as the Madison - the Points race -


Thanks to everyone on this thread for the suggestions - I tried a Youtube + TR session fo rthe first time today, using the 2018 Women’s XCO WC as suggested by many. That 60 minutes of Carson just flew right by. So much, in fact, that I did the entire session with my earbuds in my ears, but never even thought of starting my music, and I only realized that I did 60 minutes with useless things in my ears when I got off the bike.

Those shots of hard climbing while you’re doing intervals just make it so easy…


Track racing !!! Yeah!!!


This is soooo funny!! :joy:
You’re right though, watching people suffering at race pace makes me feel like I can make it through a Sweet Spot interval no problem. :wink:


Not youtube, but Global Cycling Network has covered most of the belgian cyclocross races this winter and have them on their Facebook page on demand. Men’s and Women’s Elite. Dozens of hours of content with English commentary.


My next training session, I’m trying the men’s downhill at Wengen. Nothing like watching guys flying in the air at 140 km/h and trying to stay away from the nets to make my brain forget about my legs.


Honestly, one of my favorite things to do are finding in youtube a crit I did or am going to do, typing that in along with my cat and watching it. In CO a lot of people are racing with go pros and the USA crits I’ve done there are at least a dozen POV vids out there per race. So, it’s not bad. A lil research here and there.


The nice thing about that is you get to size up competition and find lines while on the trainer… kill two birds with one stone. :wink:


Exactly. Like, I rewatched day three of Gateway Cup from a competitor who was strong all week and the POV of the race when I attacked with four to go. I didn’t know but I shattered the peloton and everyone was single file/strung out for the lap and a half I was out front. Watching this last week I was beside myself - ‘WTF, should have just dug deeper for the last two and mabye it would have stuck or gone down in a blaze of glory!’ haha.
Yet, I sat up and just recovered and then managed a top 15 which I guess is nice.


I made this playlist of mostly MTB races (with a few classic road race) videos to get me through the hard sessions. On high intensity days I can’t keep focused on a tv show or movie so I put on my favorite Spotify playlist, and then these videos.

You’ll see anything from Euro UCI to my local fat bike events in this list.

Suggestions? Send 'em over. But I prefer gimbal-stabilized MTB videos that are longer than 20 min with some competitive racing (two hours of one person riding alone is bo-ring.) Data overlays are great, but not required.


I only just found this. It’s older but a good watch.


Indoor fixed gear race on a Berlin go-kart track


Just subscribed to your channel.