Gravel bike vs Road bike: One bike for fun and occasional gravel race

That is totally sweet!

nice bike! nice paint job, too.


Lovely looking machine but you REALLY need to take the sticker off the rear mech… :wink:


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Love the paint job. How much did it cost if you don’t mind me asking?

I have the opportunity to buy a 2017 GT Grade Carbon 105 for around $1,000 and this post came up after a search for that bike name. I see you had one once upon a time. I’m thinking of buying this for my 1st dabble into gravel. My only hangup is the max tire size of 35mm. Should I be concerned with that amount of tire clearance? I have friends that ride gravel that think that will prob be good for about 98% most people do.

Your thoughts of this bike for 1st gravel bike?