Gravel bike vs Road bike: One bike for fun and occasional gravel race

Has anyone ridden / bought the new Cervelo?

Apples / Oranges how about the brand new Evil gravel bike?

Anyone want to trade their gravel bike for my VYNL road bike? I hear road is coming back. :laughing:

I just got the new Aspero in the GRX build. It is awesome! My road bike is a 2018 R3 Ultegra Di2 disc. The Aspero is awesome, it climbs super fast and handles really well and despite what The Gravel Cyclist says I don’t think it’s harsh at all actually it’s quite comfortable and in NorCal we don’t have many gravel roads, more like MTB trails. I’m really happy with it. I don’t think I’d ever give up a dedicated road bike but if you were forced to only have one bike I think this might be it.


Nice, that one is high on my list. By the time I’m ready for it they’ll be something newer lol! Glad you’re enjoying it, what does the paint look like in person?

I got the burgundy. They were out of the olive in the GRX build plus I think I’m the long term it will look better. My shop has the olive in stock and it looks awesome and sparkles nicely in the sun. I have a Specialized Epic in gold/red sparkle and it’s nice to see more companies doing offbeat paint.

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Does anyone have experience with the Pro vs standard Endurance geometry on the Domane? Thinking 38s will be plenty for most events with the option to use 28s for road riding. 2020 model is looking like a nice all around bike.

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I bought a Diverge in 2015 as my n=1 bike. This was prior to future shock, it only had the zertz inserts in the forks for dampening. I toured with it, endurance rides, group rides, you name it. It’s a great bike, pretty darn heavy though. My 49cm was 23lbs.

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sorry to resurrect this thread, but it’s kinda useful

So I mainly ride crits, draft legal Duathlon/ triathlon - last year I was without my main race bike (Venge 2019 - 56cm) and it faced me with a predicament of not having a back up bike. I have a 2015 Giant TCX (ML) as my CX bike but it’s currently set up for quite pure CX racing.

I am an occasional CX racer so I was thinking of trying to get the CX frame with most ‘roadie’ geometry and have a bike that could do both following a change of tyres and gearing alterations. Crux looks quite roadish as does the SuperX. Appreciate this is a compromise!

Thoughts on any other frames I should consider? Also should I go down a size in the CX bike and go for a slightly longer stem as they typically ship with shorter stems and longer top tubes?



For what it’s worth, I have a Focus Mares, their CX bike. I’ve raced crits, gravel, and cross on the bike. I don’t feel like the bike has ever held me back at all in either of the 3 disciplines.

This year, I’m contemplating getting a set of aero carbon handlebars to be a bit more slippery for road races.