Gravel riding destinations in Europe - looking for tips and inspiration



I am looking to book a challenging gravel riding holiday in Europe. Mountains or hills plus some stunning scenery a must. Any body got any tips? A long distance trail for bike packing would be cool, but would also consider stopping at a location to explore from a single base.


Sadly, I do not have any recommendations in terms of routes. Just curious though… What kind of bikes you are planning on using? How will you transport them? Are you thinking about renting in situ?



You literally can’t find a more beautiful gravel road in Europe.


I have a Tifosi Cavazzo, which is carbon frame, with clearnace for nobbly tyre. I generally run 35s. Disc brakes. I am considering changing the group set and or gearing to better reflect off road touring over mountains.


Wow - just taken a look. Stunning… That suggestion goes straight into contention. Thanks


Rallarvegen looks awesome.

I can also recommend Italy or Spain. The Dolomites are incredibly beautiful, check out the Yolomites5000 route - if you’re looking for a challenging mixed gravel/road route that’s going to be it, this one is brutal with 5000m of climbing in 125km - that’s like 16000 ft in 75 miles. Plus the views are jaw dropping. From the Dolomites you could descend towards the Garda lake, there’s plenty of gravel and it’s a beautiful area.

Or you could plan a route in Spain from Barcelona to Girona, take a few detours on the way (I really recommend to take the gravel climb from Barcelona to Montserrat, it’s awesome). I did ride some gravel there on a road bike with 25mm tires and it was challenging at times, I ended up crashing a few times when I lost traction on loose over hard, you definitely need a gravel bike for that, your bike will be perfect.


I can recommend the Tuscany trail route which is 600-700km, especially if you appreciate old towns on top of really steep hills! A friend just did the Torino-Nice rally which looked equally as stunning.

Also check if you’ve not already.


Just checked out the link and some video on youtube of the yolomites 5000 - looks incredible.


Torino-Nice rally is on my list (