Gravel Tire Recommendations



Not specific to your tire in question, but I have struggled with installing a tire before and fretted about fixing a flat. What happened in this case (road tire) is that the bead stretched just enough after being run for a few months, that removal and install to replace a tube was easy.

I imagine this varies with each tire and construction, but I expect that some stretch is to be expected in most cases.


I’ve had a similar experience with WTB Riddler gravel tyres on WTB rims - almost impossible to get on and off without breaking something. Luckily it wasn’t my bike but I did have to stand around getting eaten alive my Midges whilst observing…



I have had the occasional rim/tyre combo issue, but it is invariably fixed by patience and carefully moving the tyre bead into the centre of the rim.

If I can’t get a tyre on by hand then it’s not going on the rim, and I haven’t been beaten… yet


I have a new bike build, converting a hardtail 29er to a rigid fork, drop bar gravel bike. I am looking for recommendations for the fastest tire that is 45mm-50mm (1.77"-2.0"). I have clearance for 2.3" but I don’t feel the need to go that big. I’m a bigger rider at 230lbs (104.3kg), so I feel a larger volume tire would be to my advantage.

Thanks for your help!