Hammer power supply is dunzo



They are out of them on the Cyclops website (weak!!)…Do yall think it would be an issue just ordering one Amazon (same specs)? I really needed a ride tonight after a crap day at the office!

(if you are reading this Cycops rep, will my warranty be messed with)


If you match the output specs it’ll be fine. You’ll have to match the end plug that goes into the trainer. Check that’s a standard size or you may have to get medieval with your blown power supply plug and hack it onto the new one.


Had issues with my Cyclops Hammer, all pointed to the power supply. Checked output with a volt meter and it was pushing out power. Appears the socket in my cyclops is a bit dodgy, every few months it requires a wiggle. So if not already checked, bear that in mind!

One day I’ll get around to fixing it, when warranty expires… not worth the hassle of a return and being without it for a week!


Good news! Cycleops came through and was able to find a power supply and hopefully it will ship out today. Great service on their part