Has anyone else gotten a fever the day after the Ramp Test?


So I’m convinced this is more of a correlation and not necessarily causation, however I completed the Ramp Test Tuesday (4.4% increase!) and was tasting blood and had a sore throat immediately after. That night I was constantly woken up by my throat and developed a small cough. The following day I ended up leaving work early from aches and chills. I got home and measured my temperature and found I had a fever of 101 F. Had the fever all night last night and woke up today with no fever and only mild congestion.

Could this one day fever really have been a result of the Ramp Test? I’ve never had a fever for only a day and didn’t have symptoms until immediately after the test. My theory is I picked up something and the stress of the test let it do its thing and now that I’m recovered, it’s on the way out. This was probably my 5th Ramp Test and I have never had this happen before.


No, but I once started developing a sore throat on the way home from my end-of-season A Race (club hill climb) and had to take a week off the bike with a heavy cold.


Think you got it in the last paragraph.

Something’s already inside you. Stress of ramp test brings it to surface. I’ve often developed symptoms of a cold within hours of a hard or depleting race.


It’s what I thought. Just found it odd that it ran its course so quickly


Maybe just lucky! fingers crossed


interesting and timely post, my wife went see a personal trainer on tuesday (she hadn’t worked out in a long time and it was strenuous) and yesterday was sick with a 101 fever. Maybe she already had a bug and the workout stress maybe made things worse, but she was just texting me wondering about the connection


Very interesting. I’m also sitting here wondering if I should ride. Only symptom now is congestion which usually clears up with sweet spot intervals :bike:


Maybe it was Mr Mercedes?