Head up NBC sports gold is 19.99 - but only until june of this year


Hey all I was just able to sign up for NBC gold cycling package for 19.99 and its usually 49.99. Not sure how long this is going to last but $20 seems like a good deal!

EDIT TO ADD - I missed the fact (or it didn’t say on the site) that the subscription is only good until JUNE of 2019. ugh NBC just stole $20 from me.


Damn… gotcha


Ya, now isn’t likely the best time to get a subscription for the remaining events in the calendar since there is only the Tour of California and the Dauphiné left. You should get access to the past races since July 2018 if you missed any of them though.

As a side note, for $49 I think this is excellent value for a year of cycling. I watch this doing TR workouts and can barely keep up through the year. You miss the Giro but pretty much full stages of the TdF and Vuelta, let alone all the other events, for less than $50 is pretty amazing.