Heart rate @ VO2 max

My understanding is that the limiter on v02max depends on individual physiology. It could be o2 uptake, delivery, or consumption. In reality, there is not a single limiter and they compensate for each other to some degree, but someone with a very poor uptake or delivery system is not likely to see big V02 max swings based on additional muscle recruitment since they are already up against the limits in other areas. I’m not an expert on such matters, but that’s how it’s been explained to me by some claimed experts.

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Agree. If heart is maxed out, recruiting more muscles won’t increase VO2max.

This discussion is on of the things that prompted my thread on what causes you to stop in the ramp test.

Aw, I was enjoying that. And secretly glad I joined the thread late. :grinning:

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Well that’s sorted then. Long mtb rides are the answer. Regardless of the question :joy::rofl: