Heat Training (Acclimation)


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How to Get Faster with Heat Training

  • While the focus of optimal indoor training is to control two critical variables — intensity and duration — heat is another powerful tool to develop fitness and get faster.

Training without a fan
Should I train with the air-cond on or off?

Huh, this is my topic, I guess :). Living in Middle East and having rides around in 40 degrees , I cannot wait to see the responses :slight_smile:


I’ve been using heat training to prepare for Kona as it’s quite cool here in northern Ontario already. I keep my room at 30 Celsius approximately 80% humidity. I started 2 weeks ago and found it excruciating the first time, thinking I’d never be able to keep it up. I kept at it adding 20-30 in the sauna immediately following my workouts and I was able to complete a 4 hour ride last weekend. I’m finding my 1-2 hour rides followed by a brick run to be quite tolerable now. I’m quite surprised how quickly I was able to adapt. I’ve made sure to up my liquid and sodium intake during and after workouts. Looking forward to see if it all pays off in Kona.


Hi, I’m training for an event in Namibia, 373km MTB through the Namib Desert and starting in 40 degree celsius heat. Extremely warm and dry conditions.

I’ve been doing my low intensity training without a fan and also included sauna sessions to become better heat adapted. There’s a lot of info on the sauna benefits and also how to do the sessions by getting your core temperature up first through exercise and then sitting in a dry sauna for 20 - 40 minutes. For me anything above 20 min is tough.

Now my question is… How do you end these sessions? I find sitting in a pool directly thereafter brings down core temperature quickly and prevents sweating for the next 2 hours as your body keeps on trying to cool down or whatever happens.

Are there positives to naturally getting body temp down to normal vs doing it in a pool directly after sauna? The aim obviously remains to get adapted to heat for a big event.


A good listen from the Flo guys this week "How to Control your Body Temperature’ with Dr. Douglas Casa:


Yup, I posted a dedicated thread on it earlier today.


Ah fair enough :slight_smile: I did a search for ‘heat’ before I posted but it didn’t come up.