Help Chad fix in-ride text typos; post them here 👇

Winchell “likley”

Peavine. About 5 minutes into the workout and during the ILT practice it says “put your lift foot …” when it should be “put your left foot …”

Not a typo, but I get Chad redux when tacking on 30 min of zone 2 to the end of the workouts. Chad’s instructions start up again regarding the previous intervals.

Eclipse workout at 11:27 “And if you aren’t sure if should be a goal…” I think should be “And if you aren’t sure if it should be a goal…”

I’ve been reporting issues to the TrainerRoad Twitter account with great responses. Are TrainerRoad staff monitoring this thread?

I’ll try here this time :man_shrugging:

Geiger -6 second interval is referred to 3rd interval at 17:01 mark.

Not an ‘in ride’ typo but the description for Elephants +4 has for a long time started out ‘Elephants +1 consists of 6x6-minute repeats at…’

Mallory - 1
46 min approximately “reathing” instead of breathing

Bago. ‘Your’ instead of ‘You’re’, right berfore the 1st main interval.


26:05 “Experience spinners” should be "Experienced… "
26:09 “and less the experienced are spinning more comfortably” should be "and the less… "
35:06 “but will change up the drills…” I think this is more correct "but we’ll… "
46:35 “into this your interval following this very brief break” not sure but maybe should read "into this next interval… "
18:27 “standing proves to be more wasteful & taxing then it’s worth” I think should be “…than it’s worth”


20:07 “and using one leg’s upstroke as millisecond of rest…” should be “and using one leg’s upstroke as a millisecond of rest…”
25:47 “The when the Target power jumps up…” should be “Then when…”

“Beleif” in your drip email campaign signature.

Is Slide Mountain really sweetspot, or should the description be updated to tempo? I’m confused.

Baxter +2

At 50 minutes, we are told we can ‘take comfort’ from the fact that we are more than halfway through.

Trouble is, Baxter +2 is a 120 minute workout! Chad has fooled me many times with cunning distraction techniques but I’m not buying this one :wink:

Not a typo per se, but in galena +3 there’s a rounding error between the during interval target and end of of interval summary target. For example at 284 FTP it’s giving me a target of 256 during the interval and then showing an end of interval summary of xxx / 255.

Fang Mountain +1

At around 31:30 the text states that the peaks are 105% whereas they are actually 110% and the rest of the workout refers to the correct percentage.

On the ramp test it talks about what percentage of your FTP will you make it to before you fail…after several descriptions it says something like “or will you blast up to 120%” …like that would be a huge accomplishment…but if you make it thru the 120% ramp and stop your FTP will remain the same…should be a higher percentage.