Help Chad fix in-ride text typos; post them here 👇



did Phoenix this morning, there was a “the the” somewhere in there, can’t recall when, maybe half way thru


Rubicon @ 41:20 the word ‘sport’ is misspelled. It is written as ‘spornt’ or something like that.


Kaweah about 12 minutes in. “Throught” should be “through”


Sorry that should be Bluebell (not Kaweah) 12 minutes in “thought” should he “through”


Eclipse -1 about 1:15 in, the text talks about the upcoming 12 minute intervals, but they are 20 minutes.


Williamson +4 has no text…it could really use some tips and motivational text to get you through it…it is really freaking hard!


Baird + 2

56:50 reads “For more seconds, you got this”.

I think this is missing a 5… for 5 more seconds.


Fletcher @ 16:00, says ‘fated’ but might mean ‘fêted’.


Tallac +4, beginning of last interval. I don’t remember the exact time but its at the beginning of the interval. The text flashes through the first line of text so fast you can’t read it. It does this for the first three statements. No typo just need to put a delay in their.


I think I saw a typo in Dade +4 at about 32m 15s. I couldn’t get a screenshot in time but the word looked like “interver”. Probably was supposed to be “interval”.

For a relative reference, the text immediately following was:

so get in the habit of limiting your focus to just the interval at hand


Eclipse +3 also has the same text - mentions 12 mins. there was also somewhere near the start of the 3rd interval - saying something along the lines of this is the last one - but +3 has 4 intervals - sorry I did not note the time was busy trying to get through the 20 mins…


Joe Devel +1 - The text right before each of the 2nd, 3rd & 4th sets (saying things like, “next interval coming up in 1min”) is about 3mins early.




2 minutes and 40 seconds interval the workout. The “and” should be “an”.



deVember updates?


In Bashful +6 the description says the rest intervals are 5 minutes but they are 8 minutes long.


Bashful+1, about 40mins12 seconds. It had ‘‘Well’’, when it should have said "we’ll’’

(I was pretty deep in the red, so may have missed this … hardest workout I’ve had on TR so far).


Geiger +1
“WIth only…” --> “With only…”


Spencer +2: since the rest intervals were increased to 4 minutes, some of the text in those intervals needs to be pushed to a minute later. Because at the moment it’s saying “just one minute before your next effort” when actually there’s 2 minutes left.


Also noticed this 2 minutes before last interval.