Help Chad fix in-ride text typos; post them here 👇



Homers Nose, 2nd power increase text makes it sound like a drop. The same text is used later when it is a drop.


Joe Devel +1 for the “opener” interval at the start it says it’s going to be 3 mins long but it’s only 2. Also it says there will be 6 x 45 sec when there are actually 8.


Was it Ericsson or Monitor - but there is a typo right at the half way point.


Geiger +2 - about 8 minutes in - during the break between warm up and interval #1, text says over the next 5 minutes, but it is only 3.


In the description for Ansel Adams +5 it is stated that the intervals are at 135%, but they are at 125% (making it a lower TSS workout than Ansel Adams +4).


In Pettit [and its variants], there is a reference to “highly fated [push-pull drills]”. I feel fated to do them, but you actually mean feted.


In Red Lake +3 the other day, I think it started with, “Welcome to Red Lake +1”. If not, then never mind.


Bashfull +6

those 3 more minutes save my workout


In Spencer +2 before last interval, Chad said “1 min” when it’s 2min left of the recovery valey.


On deerhorn it say’s emply rather than employ between 20-22 minutes when discussing low cadence drills.


Carpathian Peak +1, after 1 minute into the second interval (of 3), there is some text containing “telegraphing” followed by some text that displays for about 1 second - too short for me to read.


Bald Knob, ~11:00, “from” -> “form”?


Carson -4 … text should say “improve” in the description.


Right before the 3rd interval on Antelope +5, it say “Round 2 just ahead”.


One more in Antelope+5: During 4th interval Chad says “Let’s meet at 50 minute mark”. That happens at ~1h 2m.


Did Bluebell yesterday and before the first set of intervals it said something about “and you do it 5 times” but there are six intervals. It may have said 5 more times, now that I think of it. There was another typo I noticed, but can’t remember where it was. I was a little pre-occupied. :wink:


Acrodectes -1… says you have 10 minutes rest bewteen sets… rest is actually 5 minutes.


Dade +1 has some leftover Dade text in there. I think it’s before the second set starts (fourth VO2 effort after the warmup), it says you have 30 more seconds of relaxing right before the interval starts.


Someone probably noted this, but 17:20 into ramp test it had ‘‘harken’’, when I think it should be ‘‘hark’’.


Same typo still in Baird+6, not sure about timing.