Help! I need more torque!


I need some help to determine how to increase my torque.

Some background info.
I can complete workouts fine when I’m spinning 95+ rpm. But when I slow my spin to a climbing grind of 75 to 85 rpm I notice that it gets quite hard for me. So hard that I jeopardize next days workout that the quality will suffer or I’m unable to complete them.

When I ride outside with a group (and I’m one of the fitter riders) I struggle when I run out of gears and I’m forced to grind…

So what should I do? Do more intervals in the 75 to 85 rpm range? With the risk of negatively impact my next workouts. Or should I do sprint workouts to increase torque that way?

Help is appreciated!


Coach chad has a blog post on this:

I’m not a coach so take it with a grain of salt, but it sounds like you could stand to build some leg strength, either through long, lower-wattage rides at a slower cadence or (and?) sprint work.


In my experience the time to expand your range of efficient cadences is during sweet spot or lower intervals. I wouldn’t recommend doing VO2 or threshold intervals and trying to expand your cadence range significantly.

Instead, when you have a sweet spot workout or an endurance workout - take the opportunity to work on your cadence limiters during those workouts. This could mean spinning at 102 RPM for an entire sweet spot interval and then 80 for the next one


Trainingplan I used to follow had quite a bit of low cadence sessions. More or less from middle of base into the start of build.
Started out as a short session with 3x 3min on/3min off at 50-60 cadence in zone 4, twice a week.
Do that for 2 weeks then add one interval weekly (restweek every 4th) untill you can do 8x3min.
Then it went to just once a week but for 6x4, 5x5, 7x4,…(rest staying at 3min) steadily building total work at low cadence before phasing into all VO2 max sessions at regular cadence.

It hurt but it worked. :slight_smile:
By the end no punchy 3-5minute climb will bother you anymore, you’ll just attack it from the bottom and blast straight up till the road flattens off.

Not sure how you can build it into a TR plan, but 1 session a week for 2-3 months will probably see you build power without having to be your only focus.

disclaimer : beware of your knees!