Hill climb Time Trials modification hacks for a light bike


No. Make sure the ratio is correct but swap for Ultegra or Dura Ace cassette.


Remove all spokes from your wheels.
Don’t wear shoes or socks.
Nude riding.

Sorry if I’m doing it wrong.


Careful removing bar end plugs. I’ve seen evidence of some pretty nasty puncture injuries from open ended bars that wouldn’t have happened if the plugs were there.

Totally not worth it for a couple of grams IMO


Most commisairres wouldn’t let you ride without bar end plugs.


I have looked at this…expensive (3-400 pounds) -but also looks very cool


Apart from the nude bit (although I have considered doing a semi-borat in bib shorts only) you are not doing it wrong. A member of my road club recently won the (UK) Kent championships, he turned up and did some on the spot modifications e.g. bottle cages off, bar tape off etc and took his socks off!!.. didn’t do him any harm.


Its a time trial up hill. zero chance of injury.


Til you snap a chain or your bars… Definitely not worth the chance of getting impaled IMO but each to their own!


True - didn’t think of the chain going… nasty…perhaps I’ll revise the bar plugs :smile:


For the price of a few drill bits you could try this




Amazing picture. Love drillium - actually looks like a piece of art.